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A light-weight snow mod designed to minimize conflicts. Uses your own snow texture and removes snow from under roofs - Ported from SSE

Permissions and credits
Simplicity of Snow LE

Original Mod page : Simplicity of Snow

A Quick Conversion
For more FAQS check the description on the original page




How to Patch
  • Mods that add their own material shaders will not be affected by this mod's changes.
    • Change the new snow material shaders to non-"single pass".
  • Mods that add new snow-covered structures will not be affected by this mod's snow removal under roof implementation.
    • Add a custom "no snow" decal to the nif to remove snow under the roof.
  • .Nifs with BSTriShape/NiTriShape nodes with NiAlphaProperty will not have snow cover.
    • If the NiAlphaProperty property was added by mistake on a mesh that doesn't actually have transparency, just remove the NiAlphaProperty property.
    • If there is actual transparency, we need to create a custom snow decal.
  • .Nifs with BSTriShape/NiTriShape nodes with no BSLightingShaderProperty will crash and will need a patch.
    • Delete these BSTriShape/NiTriShape nodes since they are invisible anyways.

  • Install whenever.
  • Uninstall whenever.
  • Let this mod's meshes overwrite every other mod.