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Come visit Northpoint, a winter wonderland, filled with snow, plague, and mystery. This mod adds a new world space, town, dungeons, creatures, items, and much more.

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This mod allows you to explore Northpoint, the northern barony of High Rock located on the northern coast of Rivenspire. Northpoint is a winter wonderland, filled with snow, plague, and mystery.

- 1 new world space to explore; Northpoint.
- 4 unique regions with weather systems.
- 1 large town with inn, blacksmith, general store, and alchemist.
- 13 new dungeons.
- 4 new creatures; Grahl, Deadly Grahl, Sheep, Wereboar.
- Numerous smaller locations.
- 1 new weapon set; Bannerman.
- 3 new armour pieces; Bannerman Heavy Helm, Bannerman Light Armor, Bannerman Mail Armor.
- 5 collectable shields.
- New ingredients, books, notes, and misc items.

Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

To start your exploring, travel to 'Northpoint Landing' due west of Dawnstar (map reference). There you will find the 'Northpoint Sea Charts' and a small boat. Be sure to pick up the charts to enable usage of the boat. After arriving at Northpoint the rest is up to you, go explore!

Place Northpoint.esp and Northpoint.bsa in your "Skyrim/data" folder. Activate the mod through a mod manager of your choice, or alternatively through the Skyrim splash screen.

1. Deactivate Northpoint through your mod manager/Skyrim splash screen.
2. Navigate to your Skyrim/data folder.
3. Delete Northpoint.esp and Northpoint.bsa.

Northpoint only edits one vanilla cell - POINorthernCoast14 - adding the tiny Northpoint Landing location. So it's compatible with most mods. The following are known exceptions:

4K Parallax Skyrim : Specifically Parallax Meshes Dungeons Cave Green 1.2 . It gives Northpoint cave roots an unusual rocky/matte texture. Not game-breaking.

None, currently. If you discover something amiss, please contact me and let me know.

RJHelms84: Meshes and collisions.
Kaelin: Creature models, including Condor, Wereboar, male & female Grahl, Sheep, and Ram.
lifestorock: Creature rigging.
jonwd7: Whiterun Walls Collision Resources
Chesko: Book Pile Resource
Oaristys & Tony67: Modder's Resource Pack
Runspect: Resources for modders
TESAlliance: Skyrim Resource Kit
Insanity Sorrow: Free Resource Packs
defunkt: Alt Scaled Armours, plain Dawnguard Heavy Helm, and single-bitted steel battleaxe mods.
FranklinZunge: Jarl clothes.

Q & A
Q: How do I get to Northpoint?
A: Travel to Northpoint Landing, pick up the Northpoint Sea Charts and then activate the rowboat.

Q: How do I get back to Skyrim?
A: Activate the rowboat located at Northpoint Docks.

Q: Where are all the quests?
A: There aren't any! It's a pure exploration experience. Although, the dungeons and settlements are set up with Skyrim's keywords system, so it's *possible* a radiant quest might send you here.

Q: Is this the same mod that was announced several years ago?
A: Yes.

Q: So this has been in development for several years?
A: No, it was abandoned. Thanks to nexus user Andrew21022, I felt inspired to resurrect it and get it presentable. A lot of hard work went into this back in the day, particularly Kaelin's awesome work creating the new creatures, and it's not right that it just sat collecting dust.

Q: Why have you only listed manual installation/uninstallation?
A: I'm a relic and never adapted or learned how to use Vortex!

Q: Is there a Skyrim SE version?
A: Yes, you can find it here.

Q: Is this mod finished?
A: Yes, 1.0.0 is full release. Though patches may be released if issues are found.

If you have a query, please get in touch.