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Instead of using same textures for mountains and rocks this mod adds up to 7 different textures for rocks & stones. Consider it an add-on for your mountains.

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This is NOT a mountain retex - it's a stone/rock retex. While mountainslab01 and mountainslab02 will still be used on your mountains and cliffs, this mod adds up to 7 new textures to be used on your rocks & stones. Consider it an add-on to your current mountains if you want greater variety in your Skyrim landscape.
The mod is packed in a FOMOD to allow you to choose if you only want to use one texture from the mod on all your rocks & stones OR if you want to have all the new textures in your game at once.
This is a simple retex and does not use an .esp.


- Added slight specular effect on dry stones to make them a bit more interesting.
- Tweaked specular effect and gloss on wet stones.
- Parallax on all new textures.
- Meshes from Better Rocks and Mountains - UV Tweak where available.
- Optional meshes from SMIM where available.
- I've only used meshes for exterior landscapes to not make the mod too intrusive.

The specular and gloss effect has been tweaked in Patrician ENB since that is what I use. I haven't tried it in other ENBs, but if there are severe issues please let me know.


I recommend installing via mod manager. Please read about the options in the FOMOD - then it should be pretty straight forward! Let the mod overwrite all meshes.


bwhy12/Four Leaf Clover for their Better Rocks and Mountains - UV Tweak
Brombek for SMIM - Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Gamwich for teaching a noob about textures.
Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool 
Marmotte and the rest of Patrician ENB discord for putting up with my ramblings about stones and helping me find bugs.
Everyone who ever made a mountain mod. I probably peeked in your mod for inspiration.
The creators of Nifscope.