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Greatly enhances detail of rocks and mountains via UV tweaks for next to no performance loss. Keeps true to the vanilla look but the tweaks can be used to enhance any rock textures.

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Ever notice how some rocks have textures that are more blurry than others?

That's because when the game world was being made some rocks were scaled up well past their original size so they would work better for a given location (and sometimes they are just blurry by default). This leaves the rock texture abnormally large and blurry in some cases, even with texture packs.

To cut down on the blur I tweaked the UV maps of each model to make them use more of the texture. *some textures tile a small amount, but it is hardly noticeable in-game.

*If you are wondering what UV maps are

As a side bonus, I have also included HQ normal maps (2048x2048) for a more rough, rocky look, while sacrificing none of the vanilla feel (check the screenshots to see for yourself). There is also a vanilla resolution version available.

A note about SMIM: If you use SMIM let it overwrite any of the rock files (any file with rock at the start of its name).

+ The UV tweak will not affect your FPS
+ The UV tweak is compatible with any texture replacer - there is no reason not to have this mod
+ Most models UVS were increased in size by 50%, a few have been increased by 75% or 100%
+ Some rocks and mountains/cliffs will still seem slightly blurry, this is unavoidable...

If you download 1.4 delete the any nif files starting with rock from the mountains folder as they should not be there (but won't cause any harm). Or uninstall the last version in NMM before installing 1.5+


Use NMM or

Place the folders in your "skyrim\data" folder (yes to overwrite)


Remove the files in skyrim/data/meshes/landscape/mountains

Remove the files in skyrim/data/textures/landscape/mountains