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Helps pace level up progression by requiring you to sleep for 8 hours(can be tweaked) every time you want to level up. Works well if going for a "Souls Like" or "Oblivion" style play through"

Requires latest versions of SKSE and Sky UI

Permissions and credits
Go to the files tab and download version 1.3 with the Mod Manager of your choice, I personally recommend MO2.

In the MCM Menu you can tweak:

-How many hours you have to sleep to level up
-How many times you can level up per sleeping
-How many perks points you can receive during sleeping at a time(Useful for when using mods like Uncapper to give you more perk points per level up)
-Toggle an auto save feature
-Toggle whether or not you have to sleep in order to spend perk points after leveling (If you have multiple perk points stacked or did not spend them after leveling up)
-Whether or not you retain your current health, stamina, or magic percentages after leveling, though this should not matter to most players as you must sleep to level up anyway which should restore most stat percentages unless you use a mod which causes this system to work otherwise. 
-The cool down between between level ups by sleeping

Recommend Mods
Remove the Level Up Message:
Removes that annoying little message that keeps telling you have a level up available.


-Should work fine with Experience:
-Should work fine Chesko's Reflection Level Up message:
-Should work with Only save when resting(make sure auto save feature is disable in MCM):
-Should work fine with Pumping Iron, I use both with no issues:
-Should work fine with Skyrim Community Uncapper:

If you have problems with any of these mods when using them with Sleep to Level Up LE Port, please let me know and I'll look into it.

-Minor Incompatibility with Growl, if you attempt to "drink the beastblood after sleeping under the open sky at midnight" while you have a level up available, you will become a werewolf, and also unable to move... This issue can easily be avoided by installing the Growl Patched Version in the files tab instead of the main version.
-Sleep to Gain Experience(More or less the same idea with different execution, just pick the one you prefer):
-Classic Level Up(Similar idea, but the Classic Level Up mod still allows you to level up anywhere, only it requires you to sleep to actually receive your perk points, this mod requires you to sleep in order to actually level at all:

If you encounter any incompatibilities, please let me know so I can mention them here!

If you enjoy this mod, please endorse the SE version here

Mod works just fine merged! I recommend to do so in order to save plugin space! :)

If you need a tool to merge plugins, I suggest using


zEdit(I personally haven't gotten around to using it yet, but it seems to contain an updated, superior version of merged plugins)

If you encounter any issues, please post bugs for the LE version here and not on the SE page! Thank you!