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Any skill experience you gain is saved and later added after you've slept in-game.

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This is a very simple mod that forces you to sleep in order to receive the skill experience you've gained. As you level up your skills normally any experience is not added to your character but rather saved up, and later when you sleep you will receive all that saved experience. Saved experience is stored in the SKSE co-save and will not be lost if you decide to not sleep before you save and quit.

Featured by Brodual in Skyrim Mods: 5 Hidden Gems (Starting at 1:05)

Optional Features

  • Choose how much (%) experience should require you to sleep.
  • Choose if how long you sleep should affect the amount of experience gained.



  • Any other mod calling the papyrus functions Game.AdvanceSkill(...) or ActorValueInfo.AddSkillExperience(...) will be handled just like any skill experience you gain through normal actions.
  • Skill experience added through the console is applied immediately.
  • The esp should be mergeable, but I don't like to promise anything when it comes to Skyrim.

Enjoy and have fun! :D