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A small, warm, and cozy loft home located in the attic of Arcadia's Cauldron in the center of Whiterun. Now ported to LE!

Permissions and credits
This is a small, one-room library/player home located in the attic loft above Arcadia's Cauldron. It is a separate cell accessed through a door near the back outside the building. It features plenty of safe storage space despite its size, with the bookshelves and open chest also acting as containers alongside barrels, cabinets, a safe, etc. The open book on the desk functions as an enchanting station while the alembic on the shelf above it works just like any other alchemy table. Likewise, you can cook with both the stew pot and oven interfaces by interacting with the bowl of soup and the open oil lamp/small oven (respectively) on the round table in the corner. Everything inside is a static object, so no need to worry about getting too loaded up at the start of the game/knocking everything over. The home is open to enter and does not require a key-- if you want to pay for the room, just drop like 800 gold into a barrel in Arcadia's main shop area. There's also a decorative telescope in front of a large window that frames the entire room which is kinda cool.

The room was made with the layout of the artwork used as a backdrop for this youtube video in mind, and if you look in the mod's pictures you can definitely see the resemblance lol.

 Use your mod manager of choice or manually install by unzipping the 7z file and dropping into your data folder. Sadly Bethsoft didn't include any windows that I could easily put on a wall, so a modified version of a Riften wall model is included in the download, which I made to use as the large window in the center of the room. It will work with any window retextures (and I highly suggest one, as I stretched the model to be around 4x as big as it was normally, so it might end up looking pretty damn ugly if you don't have high-res window textures.)

It's Farengar's old place that he rented from Arcadia before becoming court wizard. Arcadia is renting it out again because profits have fallen due to the civil war. You, a suave opportunist, use this situation and pay anywhere from zero to 20 billion gold (up to you, man) to live there. It was made with mages in mind, but isn't too overbearing on mage stuff, so it's kind of a blank slate for your character to live in.

I've tried to keep this place mostly compatible with basically anything that changes Whiterun. As long as it doesn't move Arcadia's building, it should be compatible-- just make sure to load this mod BEFORE any other mods that change Whiterun so that they can overwrite what my mod might change. 100% compatible with the Dawn of Skyrim series, and I think the only problem that might come from JK's is that Arcadia gets a garden you're going to have to wade through to get to the door to the loft. It's also fully navmeshed so your followers should be able to follow you in.

There are A LOT of books in there. Like, a LOT. I don't get any performance drops at all, but just be warned that it could be a possibility.

Other info
Mods used in the pic:
Noble Skyrim - highly recommended, it's how the inside has that nice dark brown color instead of whiterun's usual yellowish brown. sadly the room won't have nearly the same cozy feeling without this mod.
SMIM - Static Mesh Improvement Mod - so good and feels so natural in the game i forgot to include it here till now
Lucid ENB
Enhanced Lighting for ENB
Rustic Soulgems
Cathedral - Armory
Skyrim Underground - dwarven pipes used on telescope
Sounds of Skyrim - you can't see it in the picture, but this mod or something similar to add rain sounds to the interior are amazing
Open Cities - there is an open cities compatible version also available. Install that one instead of the main file if you use open cities.

Update 1.1
Added support for Open Cities by Arthmoor and fixed an ugly visual issue where the outside door would clip into the building when entering.

Update 1.2
Fixed an issue with the stew pot and alchemy alembic not being static (and thus could be flung across the room)

Also, you're welcome to upload any pictures you take in the loft to here, I wouldn't mind seeing em :)

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