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A collection of 10 Bodypaints, with compatibility for CBBE, UNP, and Male bodies. These designs are from the Nordic Yyvengar Lupine, from the upcoming Lupine 2.

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This mod adds 10 new bodypaint designs, compatible with both Male bodies and CBBE and UNP female bodies. The designs are based in the upcoming Lupine 2 mod I am currently working on, and I hope to be able to release additional volumes from the 'Designs of the Lupine'. You can choose to download just the Female versions, or you can download the Female and Male versions, the female versions allowing you the option of either UNP or CBBE body families for texture compatibility.

RaceMenu - You need this to access the overlays, but you are free to read the lore if you so choose.

In order to use these paints, you must hover over the default values in the Makeup, Body Paint, Hand Paint, and Feet Paint sections in Racemenu and press "T". The paints you installed can be found starting with the name "Lupine - Yyvengar" and depending on the version installed, you will find them labeled as Male and Female versions. Color can be adjusted with "E" and pressing "T" while in the color adjustment menu will bring up the glow menu, which will allow you to add a glowing effect to the paint (excluding makeup).

I hope you enjoy the paints, and if you wish to learn some more about the Lupine, the Yyvengar, and the paints, you can read the following section!

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With that out of the way, the following is the relevant lore within the Lupine lore

*Excerpts from the written records of a lupine archivist, entitled Designs of the Lupine*

...The Yyvengar, the Lupine occupying the cold North. Primarily occupying the Pale, Winterhold, and Northern Eastmarch, the Yyvengar are hardy and well weathered amongst the Lupine. Deeply set into many of the cultures of the Lupine, the Yyvengar have been protectors of a handful of the oldest structures built by the Lupine of ages past. Their primary place of gathering is set in one such ruin, Stenulv, or Stonewolf Sanctuary as it is referred to commonly. Stonewolf is carved deep into the mountains near Windhelm, with only a couple hidden entrances, and more exits than ways to get in.

Stonewolf Sanctuary explains much of why the Yyvengar have adopted the culture which they have, always giving others the chance to flee before engaging in defensive conflicts. Offensively, the Yyvengar are very dynamic, with their warriors boasting significant strength, magical prowess in destruction and alteration, as well as a grasp on their foes senses that allows them to sneak easily into more advantageous positions. All these attributes of the Yyvengar are enhanced by the natural benefits of being a Lupine, opening up avenues not normally possible for mortals.

The Yyvengar consist primarily of Nords, as well as others from the common races of Tamriel. The traditions of the Nords and other races have come through in their pieces of art, especially body designs and architecture. The Yyvengar, also have a number of Daedra among them. The Daedra that join the Yyvengar did so in pursuit of living a different life than the ones offered to them by their Daedric Lords. 

On the topic of the body designs, there are many designs worth noting among the Yyvengar, but for the purposes of this book, we will cover the ten that this researcher believes to be the most significant to their culture, either in terms of symbolism or beauty. We will cover the most important ones that are commonly used and recognized. The Yyvengar, like any other Lupine, have designs that fall outside the scope of this book, and may be covered at another time. 

The Aersaer and their complex markings symbolize a special protection over the wearer, from both the eyes, ears, and blades of their foes. The Aersaer are well regarded for their ability to make it in and out of a confrontation without any notice of their presence by the enemy. Aersaer are often stationed as guardians of individuals of note, or agents among other factions. Within these guilds, the Aersaer seek to ensure that the actions of the guilds do not cause problems with any Lupine interests, especially those of the Yyvengar.

The Trivarius design was originally created as a means to help symbolize those whom are especially balanced in combat and life. One who wears the Trivarius markings will approach combat from many different angles, attempting to gain the the advantage through form, positioning, and misdirection. Trivarius make for excellent duelers because of this, very few can best them in single combat, and many of the more prestigious Yyvengar in combat once wore the Trivarius markings. In their everyday life, a Trivarius will make the best effort to keep a fine balance of their family, work, and training, always giving each the amount of time they require.

The Auricha, the symbol of the elite warriors amongst the Lupine, the Yyvengar Auricha much like the other Auricha is a master of combat. The Yyvengar Auricha commands the attention of those around it with its simple yet powerful design, any Lupine to see one will feel a great sense of respect for the trials and troubles that the Auricha has faces to attain the right to wear the designs, especially the additional adornments that only the greatest Auricha earn. The Yyvengar Auricha must achieve more than just combat feats to earn the right to wear the design, they must also display a sense of mercy towards all that oppose them, taking diplomatic solutions whenever possible. 

The messy yet tidy Frostwalker, this design is distinct from many designs in the Yyvengar due to how many different ways it can be prepared. The Frostwalker is the design worn by the scouts on the harsh tundras and snowfields in the territories of the Yyvengar, the paint acting as a ward against the cold, and the rays of sunshine reflected off the snow. The design also offers the unique ability for full support from snow when walking barefoot in it, the snow will not crumple under their feet and they move faster on both ice and snow.
Scourge Slayer

The Scourge Slayer, a complex paint designed originally by Daedric Lupine that joined the Lupine for the chance to live without the bonds of their Daedric Lord. The Scourge Slayer's primary role is seeking out Daedric threats and ensuring that they do not bring threats to the world, whether locally or globally. The Scourge Slayer also seeks to give any Daedra that they interact with a chance to chance to break free from their Daedric Lord. Those who turn down such offers will swiftly be banished, whether it be at the end of a sword, or by Daedric Magicks.

The Gatekeeper, the protectors of Stenulv. Gatekeepers seek to ensure that peace is kept within the walls of Stenulv, swiftly ending any outsider who may decide that causing trouble within the deep cities walls is an idea worth pursuing. The Gatekeepers of Stenulv are tasked not only with protecting the city, but also helping look after and care for the families of any Lupine that are travelling away from the city. The Gatekeeper is skilled with blade and magic, though one of the least prestigious of the designs documented here.
Seer's Matera

The prestigious Seer's Matera is in stark contrast to the designs of the Gatekeeper, almost completely unique amongst the Yyvenger. The design is made with a natural and mystical appearance, with a grand eye design. The Seer's Matera, as the name suggests, is worn by the Yyvengar Seers, whom travel far and wide across Tamriel in search of knowledge and those cursed with Lycanthropy looking for a way to escape the grasps of Hircine. The Yyvengar Seer can communicate over extremely long distances through means unknown to contemporary magick. The most elite of the Seers are known to see through the eyes of those around them, and to see the past and potential futures of the area they are in.

The Guardian, the great protectors of the Yyvengar. While in Ziovendian culture, their guardian is a mark of a fledgling warrior, the Yyvengar Guardian is deeply respected and revered. An Yyvengar Guardian is the counterpart to the Aersaer, steadfast and impossible to ignore in combat. The Guardian is known to make incredible use of any weapon or spell given to them, being able to deflect blows from giants, with only a dagger. The Guardian protects not only the Yyvengar, but any Lupine that are in need of them.

The Garrash, the mages of the Yyvengar. The markings of the Garrash are quite recognizeable due to their "carved" look, as well as the way that they glow on the most practiced users of the Garrash magicks. The Garrash use unique magicks that distinguish them from other Lupine, with an emphasis on the manipulation of the elements to the extreme, whether it be to create a raging storm, or to ingnite the air around them, the Garrash will not make anything easy for a foe.

The Arbiter are the negotiatiors amongst the Yyvengar. When an outside faction has need of assistance or seeks an alliance, the Arbiter will be there. Their markings bear a unique pattern on each arm and thigh, however they all end in similar designs, to symbolize the determination that the Arbiter has to working with anyone to come to a pleasing solution to any problems that may arise. Arbiters also perform the duties of healers, ensuring that the Yyvengar are healthy and free from disease.

Though it is only ten of the various Yyvengar's designs they wear upon their bodies, this Archivist believes that these are some of the most important to the culture of the Yyvengar. Whether I have the chance to show more in a later work remains to be seen...

-Be sure to check out all these authors whom helped me with the screenshots, and a massive thanks to them for all the work and help they gave me with this mod!-
- Atheos - Diamondback - Rexus - FaithFear - AndreeaFlt

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