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Adds Princess Zelda to Skyrim

Update: Twilight princess and BOTW version now available

Permissions and credits

Race : Breton
Body : UUNP/ UNP / UNPB / 7base / CBBE / ADEC
Class : Mage / Archer / Warrior
Voice : Young Eager
Location : Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood)

Thought I'd make this because there’s not many Zelda mods for Skyrim as of yet. Been playing BOTW recently, lovely game kinda want Skyrim to have that same charm. I tried to recreate her likeness much as possible while still retaining human like face features, rather than go full anime style with exaggerated googly eyes ◉‿◉, I might do a optional version like that later, if you are into that. This is my first follower mod so I do apologize if something is not right and lemme know what you think.

Highly recommended mods to use alongside her


Armors used
just a replacer no ESP so just get it

Princess Zelda outfit




Fair skin
New mikan Eyes
SG textures
Ks hairdos
Base preset
HeroedeLeyenda @ LL

 for testing and helping with the mod 
gorakson for testing and uploading a custom version

Thanks a lot guys much appreciated.

Huge thanks to Skyla for her tutorials

-Don't you dare scroll down-

Totally optional ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Later on, I will offer more hairstyles and weight options, but for now it is what it is, but none the less I will show you how to customize her through racemenu and add skin overlays etc: (Freckles, blush, tattoos) give her different hairstyles with help of another mod, Totally up to you if you want this or not,
you can apply this to any of you other followers you have as well.

Follower Customization

Get these mods if you like customizing your followers

wigs mod

my recolours

Replace Hairstyles with this mod, check out my recolours too.
Just equip her with the hairs of your choice, they come with HDT, so I suggest getting HDT invisibility fix, give it a quick search in google

Overlays and Bodyscale Menu mod (EFF Standalone menu)
for more sliders

Now, what you been looking for...

Just an example of what you could do, Don't like the idea, well dont get it then.

Left is vanilla Right is just with a few edits to body proportion ratio and leg size.
There is a lot more edits you can do this is just an example. gimme a shout if you are having trouble getting it to work, should be pretty straight forward

Facepaint lets you apply freckles, blush, tattoos and other stuff

My personalized Zelda preset
Make your own to your hearts desire

Here's some overlays you could use, most of what is used here

IMPORTANT: If you decide to use this mod, and your game is heavily modded, to avoid any bugs you need spawn a copy of your follower, so type help zelda in the console to get her ID, and then type player.placeatme xxxxxxx then get rid of the original follower you found in the sleeping giant Inn and apply the stuff on the follower copy you just made, remember always use the copy.

The reason for this is if you edit the original follower the edits will be gone the next time you load the save, a copy of the follower will save the edits you make.
get the spell and point the crosshair at her and press Z(shout button) Should look like this

Examples of other followers modified through EFF menu ingame

Original follower

Original follower

Just putting it out there cus not many people know you can customize your followers in depth like this, not many people want to but if you are the creative type give it a shot.

That's all folks, have a good one
Happy modding