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Brought into this world and delivered to Jarl Elisif, Zelda's attire has been passed to Tamriel.

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This is essentially another clothing mod posted on the Nexus, but this time it's Princess Zelda's dress from Twilight Princess.  If you want to find it in the game, it will be in Jarl Elisif's bedside table with a little obscure note on top.

This has been made with the vanilla body in mind, yet screenshots utilize Mature Skin 2.  If you want it for a specific body mod, be my guest and configure it as such.  (I hope there won't be super-skimpified versions or attached a tire pump to areas.)

Fun fact for the 3d nuts out there:  No high poly mesh was used in making the textures.  :)

This was made for a friend's project (here's the link), but I decided to release it as a standalone.