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Laraya, Redguard Follower

by Request

Hello Nexus!

This is my first MOD and I did the best I could given my almost non-existent skills with the Skyrim Creation Kit.
This MOD is based on my main character's saved game, which I uploaded here. Check it: Laraya - Level 1 Redguard

She gained quite the attention. People started requesting her as a follower through both PMs and comments and after I failed to find someone with actual skills to help me out, I decided to download the Creation Kit and read some literature. So here she is, Gals & Gents.

How & Why?
Laraya, as a follower, is created by me, using the Skyrim Creation Kit. To achieve the look you see in the screenshots I used the Skyrim NPC Editor.

I made my main character a follower because the demand was high enough for me. People liked her and wanted to play with her, not as her.

Statistics, Combat Style, Relationship & Location
Laraya is set to essential, that way you don't have to worry about her getting killed on higher difficulties and saves you the trouble of reloading a previous save game. She won't give you away when you're sneaking and committing any crime. She will level-up alongside your character.

Laraya is a warrior, specialized in shields, swords and bows. She uses the combat style which all housecarls use. Her default armor and weapons are from the steel category. For arrows I gave her the Iron Arrow which all followers have, that way you can give her whatever ammo you wish.

Laraya is set to protect the player and his friends. She will also protect her own friends (I don't know how that will work as I never specified a friends of her own, but that is what the CK said when I was working on that part of her). If your character is male you can marry her.

Laraya can be found in the Sleeping Giant Inn, in Riverwood.

Required MODS

Recommended MODS

  1. Download the .7z file and extract it.
  2. Copy the extracted files to you Skyrim installation folder.
  3. Make sure the .esp file is active in the Data Files.
  4. Start the game and enjoy your new, beautiful companion.

Special Thanks
  • Bethesda Game Studios for creating such a wonderful, rich, open-world and 'mod-away' game!
  • Skyrim Creation Kit Wiki for helping a moding-noob such as myself with making my first mod a reality!
  • Skyrim Nexus for providing a place to share our works!
  • All the modders out there for making our favorite game even better, keep it up guys!

Feel free to inform me if you spot any oddities. The first time I tested her she was using the Throw Voice Shout, constantly calling my character a "Melon nose", "Skeever butt", "Troll bait", etc. Amusing as it was, she was going nowhere near the Nexus in that state!
Now everything seems to be working as it should be.