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Uses DAR to implement FunnyBiz's Injured Animations

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It uses Dynamic Animation Replacer to dynamically apply injured animations.Triggers when below 20% health.

Link to SE Version

Dynamic Animation Replacer
Carefully selected among the animation resource to not include the 360 movement.
- 360 movement can be downloaded if you want to regardless.
- Applies to all Humanoid Non-Creature NPC's

- 360 movement Behavior, that mod modifies the behavior files to use front forward animations instead when going backwards but only when weapons are sheathed. So if my guess is right (I've never used it before), if you're using 360 movement behavior, you're better off NOT using the 360 Optional file here or else you'll be facing backward even when you have your weapon drawn. Just pick the main file.

- Combat Fatigue is not just an animation replacer it also has additional gameplay elements. It slows down the characters when below a specified health threshold. However, I have Requiem installed,I prefer the slow effect to be handled by that mod instead. Combat fatigue also has an MCM to modify those values but it's just additional clutter in my MCM that I don't need. That mod uses FNIS Alternate Animations to do the animation switch. If you're familiar with FNIS procedure, you'll know why Felisky is a godsend. Finally the animations in Combat Fatigue is a bit finicky even though we took it from the same resource, because the author included the 360 movement animations in it, which I don't prefer to have and because it's scripted, it's impossible to take it out without modification to the scripts.
TLDR; If you want the additional features Combat Fatigue offers, use that instead. If you just want the animations switch, this is for you.

- Might look weird sometimes.
- Not a complete replacer

1. Unzip in Data folder or use a Mod Manager.

1. Just remove it whenever

Felisky384 for Dynamic Animation Replacer
FunnyBizness for Injured Animations Resource

[Patches] (see miscellaneous)