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Face any direction when you idle, move, jump, and swim (with weapons sheathed).

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A 360 movement mod for movement, jumping, and swimming. It doesn't replace any animations, it's all done inside the behavior files (the animation code for the game). With this system, you can use any walking, running, or sneaking animations. The forward facing animations will automatically be used for all directions.

It only affects movement when weapons are sheathed, you still face forward when weapons are drawn.

*My other mod CGO is being used in this video to add leaning to the animations. It's available here.*


This mod contains behavior files, which may conflict with other mods. To fix this issue, you can use Nemesis to merge the behaviors together. Mods must have a Nemesis patch for this to work.

There's a Nemesis patch included with this mod. This will let you use this mod along with The Ultimate Dodge Mod, Go To Bed, and other Nemesis patched mods that alter mt_behavior.hkx

How to Install & Use Nemesis:

Video Tutorial by JDM: How to install 360 Movement with Nemesis


As of version 1.3.0, FNIS is not supported. This version introduces some changes to the master behavior to allow 360 swimming and jumping, which makes this mod conflict with almost all FNIS mods.