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Nebarra is a Lore-Friendly, Story-Aware, Custom-Voiced Follower with over 1,600+ lines of dialogue and his own Personal Quest. An Aldmeri Veteran of the Great War, Nebarra has traveled to Skyrim and become a Mercenary-for-Hire. Surly, opinionated, and morally gray, Nebarra lends biting humor, battle stories, and his sword-arm to your adventures.

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Definition: Unwelcome (also used as a pejorative reference to outsiders)


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"Nebarra [an Altmer Mercenary], is something of an underrated mod."
- Mark Hospodar, Oct. 2021, Gamerant



NEBARRA is a fully voiced Altmer Follower with 1,600+ lines of dialogue (and growing with each major update) by professional Voice Actor TheWolfeScott. A Veteran of the Aldmeri Dominion during the Great War's Hammerfell Campaign, he has come to Skyrim to seek out Mercenary work and take advantage of the growing threat of a Civil War. Hard-Hearted, Ill-Mannered and Self-Serving... under a set of different circumstances, you may very well have crossed paths as enemies. But for the time being, while the gold is good; he is your always cynical, often insightful, and sometimes even comedic traveling companion.

Outspoken and discerning, Nebarra has commentary on most Quests and Side Quests in Skyrim, including the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs. In addition, he has scripted conversations with a collection of Vanilla NPCs and the ability to discuss and debate topics with other fan-favorite Custom Followers (namely Lucifer and Skeever). He has a Lore-Rich Personal Quest off the Coast of Solstheim that demonstrates his cold and calculating nature first-hand and can lead the player to a growing series of new side quests that explore a chain of dangerous, untamed islands.

In Terms of Gameplay: This seasoned sell-sword operates on his own Follower Framework, so he will not affect your Follower Count. He has a wholly unique armor set and helmet, both of which cannot be removed (for story reasons). He battles enemies with Sword-and-Ward, brandishing an enchanted einhander that randomly causes elemental explosions (Careful! Friendly Fire is Off). He levels alongside the player and has configurable damage output to help balance gameplay. He also cares not if you join the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, or happen to kill an innocent now and again... so he's a natural choice for less virtuous characters.


  • Easy Transportation: Nebarra comes equipped with his own horse, and a native Teleportation Spell to Summon him behind you.
  • Geolocation: Has toggleable Objective Marker for the World Map, can set Home Location and be dismissed to any Vanilla Inn.
  • Loot-Friendly: Carries his own backpack which can be turned On/Off, possesses infinite carrying capacity.
  • Outfit Commands: Several Clothing Options designed to suit different climates, with bespoke designs.


  • More Narrative Quests: The number of island adventures will grow and reveal secrets behind Nebarra's sordid, shrouded past.
  • Fugitive System: Dominion Outlaws from Elsweyr, Summserset, and Valenwood need put down. Nebarra knows where they are.
  • Party Time: Nebarra loves wine. Give him enough, and you'll either have a dangerous or hilarious misadventure (likely both).


You'll find Nebarra near the remains of a scorched carriage a small way's off from Knife Point Ridge north of the Twilight Sepulcher in Falkreath Hold. If you don't see him by the wreckage, reference the KNOWN ISSUES section down below.
TIP: Bring Health Potions. Someone is going to need them...


Nebarra has tailor-made interpersonal scenes with the following Custom Followers. They are fully-realized,
written and recorded in partnership with their original Mod Authors and Voice Actors.

- Lucifer - Skeever -


At this time, Nebarra has no cross-compatibility or functionality with any Non-Follower Mods.

There are 2 files. most bugs are a result of not using 1 file. nebarra isn't there or invisible? you are missing the main file. Stuck on an island? you are missing the patch.
(Technical Details TBA)


(Technical Details TBA)


(Technical Details TBA)


(Technical Details TBA)


(Technical Details TBA)


  • You cannot access his personal inventory through his Framework. Telling him to "pick something up" means it's gone forever.

  • The Mod was made under the assumption he'd stay in his custom armor/helmet. His default face is unfinished and unanimated.

  • When you first head to his meeting location, he will sometimes be standing there acting fine when he should be sitting and clutching a wound. If you do not see him at all, he may be "invisible" (armor mesh issue) or he may have (rarely) wandered off on his own. The Teleportation Spell or Console Commands offered in the Mod should help you find him quickly.

The "Brawl Bug" can manifest during the Solstheim quest which results in teleportation of an npc.

Classification and documentation of bugs and other technical issues can be found on the Nexus Page, or managed more directly on the Community Discord Server.


Q: Is Nebarra romanceable?
A: At this time, Nebarra has no Romance Quest or Features.

Q: Can I use him with [Insert Follower Mod System Here]?
A: You cannot. Like Inigo, Lucien, and other Custom Followers before him; such Mods will "break Nebarra's Brain."

Q: Why can't I change his armor, inventory, or weapons?
A: For reasons related to his name and past.

Q: What Vanilla NPCs can Nebarra talk to and interact with?
A: Mjoll, Noster, Gelebor, Serana, Niranye, Angrenor, Cicero, Eydis, Erik the Slayer, Carlotta, Evette, Adonato, and Rolf.
NOTE: The likelihood for these conversations happening are set purposefully low to avoid repetition. They must also be very closeby to trigger.

Q: He doesn't seem to comment on any of the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild Quests.
A: At this time, he has no lines pertaining to them. Nebarra is an immoral, hired killer. He has no opinion on them either way.

Q: Where and how can I start his personal quest?
A: Swim due west from Bristleback Cave on Solsteheim towards the ship. Speak to him on the platform and he'll have a new dialogue option.

Q: Where and how can I work with your Voice Actor, Wolfe Scott?
A: The best point of contact is his personal website,

Q: Is there an XBOX1 Version of the Mod available?
A: There is - Here. I tried porting myself, but the CK kept freezing and crashing.
NOTE: I will release an XBOX LITE version without the additional island content due to file size restrictions.

Q: How do I start the new Island Exploration Content?
A: Travel on the road between Solitude Farm and Solitude Docks and Nebarra will eventually say a line about "Bountiful Crates."
Go talk to a vanilla ferryman after that.

Q: Do I need to start  a new game to start the island stuff?
A: I don't believe so. The quests are not game start enabled and are initiated by walking through a trigger box. I think this is a similar method to what Lucien used.

Q: What do I do after talking to Nebarra on the ship?
A: Run around to the front and then run back to trigger the load door.

Q: Is there a way to organically learn Nebarra's true name?
A: Not at present, but be prepared for it in a future Island Quest content update...

Q: Are there plans for Nebarra to react to creation Club Content similar to Lucien in the future?
A: Currently a low priority, as it doesn't transfer easily between LE and SSE.


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A Big Thank You to Everyone Who is Adventuring with Neb!
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