About this mod

Based on the Rudy ENB for Vanilla Skyrim Weather possible to work with the latest ENBSeries. Designed for to be able to play the game mainly with a really not bad balance between look, performance and stability!!! Two own versions by Queenieangel are also available here!!!

Permissions and credits

Wow - so much endorsements now - many many many thanks!!!

Based on the Rudy ENB with supported Vanilla Skyrim Weather only!!!


I want to proudly present Queenieangel as my official team mate and really good friend now!!! She is very experimental to tweak ENB-Presets with really good results. She support me indescribable. And she has near fully rights like me into our project. Here you also can get her personal and very beautiful two own versions of the SkyVision ENB optional!!!


This is my custom upgraded ENB I want to share now. But it was only possible with my favorite Rudy ENB based and all main work was done by my very kindly friend on NEXUS the author or creator Rudy102!!! If you like my ENB also credit it to him HERE, please!!! And yes, I have his permission to publish this ENB-Preset!!!
Started based on the Rudy ENB 4.3a (366) for Vanilla Skyrim Weather updated to be able to make it possible to work with the latest available ENBSeries. Now it is changed based on the
Rudy ENB 5.0c (422) for Vanilla with a really not bad performance and very good stability to use for playing the game mainly!!!


This ENB-Preset was created and configurated with a used NVIDIA graphical card.
For this reason I can support this constellation only, am sorry. It will work also with another graphical card by Intel or AMD, but you may experience slightly different visuals then!!!


If you are very new in modding Skyrim I would recommand you to read all about ENB-Technology HERE in a really good guide by STEP not very hard to understand!!!


ENBSeries (linked below) , Revamped Exterior Fog (linked below) , and set the RGB dynamic range to "Full" you can see HERE where it is very good described!!! ... But the last thing is technical with latest ENBSeries a not must-have anymore ... it is optional now!!!


- Download the supported version of ENBSeries ( a black arrow at the bottom of the page ) each described in "FILES" section. To be up-to-date it is recommanded to visit the ENBSeries forums HERE to get infos, if an update inside a version is available!!!
- Unzip it. Inside you will find two folders : "WrapperVersion" and "InjectorVersion".
- Copy only "d3d9.dll" and "
enbhost.exe" from "WrapperVersion" folder ( POSTING THE ENBSERIES BINARY FILES ON NEXUS SITES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ), into your Skyrim root directory ( usually: x:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim ).

- Download my mod ever in the latest version.
- Extract it.
- Select all files from [ Skyrim folder ].
- Copy selected files into your Skyrim root directory.

- Edit enblocal.ini from my mod archive to your Hardware, but change just the following settings if needed only:


Alternative ENB memory configuration by Avrie and 2 collaborators HERE at STEAM is a other optional variation.

Last the ENB memory configuration by STEP you can find HERE is at the moment the official most recommanded way.

Check it for yourself, please. It is your choice like so often in modding.

- Download and integrate my tweaked game ini files from HERE or alternative adjust the following:


But it can be, that it is very special dependant from your PC and the monitor you have!!! If you will have problems, then post it or contact me via pm, please!!!

HERE in my profile you can read, which hardware I am using!!!  ;=)

... and if it has been done ...


Here is our first great YouTube-Video-Showcase by phoenixfabricio he be so kindly created it, for which we thank so much to him!!! ... And if you like it then endorse it HERE where he usual presented it, please!!!  ;=)


Download and install using your favorite mod manager (recommanded) the following content in latest version(s) and same order:

  • Skyrim Project Optimization by rgabriel15 ... I use the Full Version the ESM file ... it will give you more performance in Interiors!
  • Blackout - Simply Darker Dungeons by Anaphiel ... to get a better realistic darkness and lighting in the Interiors!
  • Dust Effects by HHaleyy ... to get it more realistic of such effects!
  • Sunglare disabler by MannyGT ... optional and a matter of taste, but I use it at the moment!
  • Rudy ENB Sky Mesh by Rudy102 ... included in the "Rudy ENB for Vanilla" archive ... it will fix the Sky (Horizon)! OR
  • Smoother Skies by Macxhiin ... this is the one I prefer to use of all I have tested till now! ... It is really like the name of it!

Note: The previous list is in download section / Miscellaneous files available if needed now!!! Main reason is, that some stuff like sun and clouds are not very compatible with the latest ENBSeries now. You may can noticed it with massive flickerings or shimmerings in the exteriors, if you move cam with your char!


For playing the game and also making screenshots the wish to get a more realistic unsharpness in the wide distance I just really can recommand to use DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field by Gopher and MyGoodEye and use it in static mode!


Note: I can highly recommand to use "Notepad++" you can find and download it HERE for editing config files easier!!! ... And do any changes carefully to prevent to destroy the ENB-Preset, please!!! ... Alternative contact me!!!

- In the "Rudy ENB ... for Vanilla" versions also available: Alternative there are some further DOF versions and/or ENB rain textures and a pre-configurated SMAA addon also as an option to use!!! But last maybe can go at the cost of performance!?!

- To get the disabled wet effect during rain feature on Char and NPCs back like the based Rudy ENB default configurated, you need to go in the installed enseries folder find the included file  "!_RainyWeather.ini" there, open it with notepad(++) and set back the original parameters by Rudy102 with following:


- Sharpening, Vignette and Letterbox can be adjusted in the GUI - the shaders menu - effect.txt.ini!!!

- If you prefer to get back the disabled black bars feature also like the based Rudy ENB default configurated, then press shift+enter in game. In the right window ( shader parameters ) expand the effect.txt menu, scroll down to the "Letterbox" section and turn it on. After you can also turn on "Vignette". Do not forget to save the changes in the left window last!!!

- And I have not forgotten it: You can also use the Enhanced ENB Night Eye by scegielski like with the based Rudy ENB before, but it is not a must-have for me and cannot unfortunately supported!!! But if you want to use NIGHTEYE for some reasons - you must download an ESP file from : "Enhanced ENB Night Eye" and turn it on in the shaders menu - enbeffect.fx ( scroll down ). Maybe you will have to recalibrate this effect. All functions are available in the GUI, too!!!

- Additional also recommanded by Rudy102 some more about DOF tweaks you can find abou it first HERE and second HERE, if you are interested in. And don't be worry about it that is not valid, because the shader menu is the same for SE and for LE!!!

- The graphics settings should be changed if needed in the game with open the ENB-GUI (SHIFT and ENTER) and there in the right window under "ENBEFFECT.FX" or in Windows Explorer / folder "enbseries" / enbeffect.fx.ini!!!

- If the illumination from fire will be too bright, then change to default parameter by Rudy102 in the enbseries.ini like the following:


- This guide
HERE by Sthaagg could also may helps a lot to get many knowledge in modding!?!

- A shadow-tweak optional to get more performance and maybe can also fix or reduce sometimes possible lighting-flickering:


Note: This will be included in future updated versions, too!!! ... But keep in mind, that some unusally behaviour of lighting can be caused by limitation of sources from the game itself!!!

- A "Grey Waterfall Fix" optional, but recommanded:


Note: This will be fixed included in future updated versions, too!!!

- Optional, if you prefer the parameters for water and underwater of previous version(s):


More informations about it you can get HERE on NEXUS!

UPDATE: The parameters of the latest Rudy ENB for Vanilla are pretty good configurated I use now!!!

- If your char runs not smooth with stutterings occure sometimes, then try to reduce the two memory values and / or make the following changes in the enblocal.ini to fix it!!!


An extra bonus: You also can get more performance and stability!!!

Another way is to reduce ReservedMemorySizeMB in 32 steps till the stutter is near or fully away, which is most recommanded!!!

- The shadows on grass look a way too black, then set the following to fix it like I also new do now:


A new fix, which was added automatically per latest ENBSeries update, is recommended to be enabled. Please do it like following:


- Some new tips for optimal settings:


The visuals are of course very dependant on the mods you use!!! I prefer to mod my game if possible in a lore-friendly way with a not so far away style from the original game. But it is just my taste and modding style. However I think, if you want another style, that you will find your own way I am really fully sure about! If not, contact me and I will try to help you!!!

Updates of ENBSeries will be coming soon as possible. If it has been done, you can find and read all changes of my mod versions under "Changelogs" here on top now!!! ... For maybe more additional new informations also read the content in my sticky post!!!

For the installation of updates it is to be recommanded to backup your personal configurated enblocal.ini on another place first. Then erase in your Skyrim root directory, the enbseries folder, d3d9.dll, enbhost.exe, enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini. After follow the instuction for installation here in description again. Last replace mine enblocal.ini with your backuped on another place and all is finished now!

Please don't ask me about other more available weather mods supported. If you want this instead, then use a variation or version of the original Rudy ENB, please! This is not my goal and / or my way in my ENB-Preset, because most cause very often huge cost of the performance! All is so as it should be in my opinion. And more support would be also a problem for me with my time limitation caused by my job ... am so sorry ... thank you!

For furthermore details / infos read our Sticky Posts in its section, please!!!

But if you have some problems with the ENB-Preset, then post it or contact me via PM, please! I will try to help so fast as possible!!!

Please endorse it if you like it, thank you!