About this mod

Based on the Rudy ENB for Vanilla Skyrim Weather possible to work with the latest ENBSeries. Designed for to be able to play the game mainly with a really not bad balance between look, performance and stability!!! Now also with own version from Queenieangel available!!!

Permissions and credits

Wow - more than 100 endorsements now - many many many thanks!!!

Based on the Rudy ENB with supported Vanilla Skyrim Weather only!!!


Now I want to proudly present Queenieangel as my official team mate!!! She is also very experimental to tweak ENB-Presets with really good results. She support me indescribable. And she has near fully rights like me into our project. Here you also can get her personal and very awesome own version of the SkyVision ENB optional now!!!


This is my custom upgraded ENB I want to share now. But it was only possible with my favorite Rudy ENB based and all main work was done by my very kindly friend on NEXUS the author or creator Rudy102!!! If you like my ENB also credit it to him HERE, please!!! And yes, I have his permission to publish this ENB-Preset!!!
Started based on the Rudy ENB 4.3a (366) for Vanilla Skyrim Weather updated to be able to make it possible to work with the latest available ENBSeries. Now it is changed based on the
Rudy ENB 5.0c (422) for Vanilla with a really not bad performance and very good stability to use for playing the game mainly!!!


This ENB-Preset was created and configurated with a used NVIDIA graphical card.
For this reason I can support this constellation only, am sorry. It will work also with another graphical card by Intel or AMD, but you may experience slightly different visuals then!!!


If you are very new in modding Skyrim I would recommand you to read all about ENB-Technology HERE in a really good guide by STEP not very hard to understand!!!


ENBSeries (linked below) , Revamped Exterior Fog (linked below) , and set the RGB dynamic range to "Full" you can see HERE how it is very good described.