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A portal has been opened on the east side of the mainland to the realm of a powerful dremora lord.

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The Realm of Merentif
by venjhammet

     Vominheim is under a great threat from a cultist group called the Disciples of Vuldur. The people of this land are oblivious to the danger that lies before them. This cultist group has managed to open a portal on the far northeast part of the mainland to the Realm of the sinister dremora Merentif.

     A thousand years ago, Veowen a powerful dragonguard warrior fought the lord dremora Merentif hoping to avenged her fathers death but she was defeated and her soul was captured and remained a prisoner up to this day on Merentif's Realm. The cultist group ventured into the realm to strike a deal with Merentif in order to take back Vominheim.

   To start your Quest head to Faheimr near Lake Vormirk south of Wakecrest. Read the note found at the 2nd level of the tower.

About the mod:

1. Requires New Vominheim v2.11
2. Uses vanilla asset only
3. Some enemy npcs uses vanilla stats but World Bosses will level up with the player
4. Requires atleast level 50 and above to venture the Realm, you may venture at a lower level just goodluck with that
5. This is an extremely very hard dungeon, venture alone if you are up for the challenge
6. Has a world map of its own


-updated for New Vominheim v2.11
-added new location through Fort Iron Gloom

-updated for New Vominheim v2.10

-updated for New Vominheim v2.09
-reduced npc bosses stats yet still challenging (Level 50 recommended)
-enemies will respawn to include the final boss

-added skybox lighting
-updated for New Vominheim v2.08

-updated for New Vominheim v2.07
-added a Questline
-added a new location on the realm

-small update to go with New Vominheim v2.05.1

-level requirement has been raised from level 50 to level 70
-portal entrance relocated northeast from the mainland of Vominheim

-quick fix on a tome book that was suppose to be placed below the ground but was exposed above at the portal

-updated to be compatible with Vominheim v2.04.1
-relocated the portal to Tundra Dovul Bal, eastern side of the mainland

-unfinished navmesh that I forgot on one of the Fort interior
-added some sound effect on the portal entry

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