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Make enemies chase you through loading doors

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I'm not good at English.
I think the description in the mod config menu is too verbose, can somebody helps me improve it? Thanks :D

Enemies will now follow you through doors. It's similar to Disable Combat Boundary but using script instead of editing Encounter Zone records, so it's basically compatible with any mod that edits Encounter Zone records (e.g. MorrowLoot Ultimate) or adds new locations (e.g. Beyond Skyrim - Bruma).

Steam version of Skyrim 1.9.32, not tested on other versions
SkyUI (Optional)

Use your mod manager or just drop it to the Skyrim Special Edition\data folder.

Use console command "stopquest EFM_Quest". Save and exit game. Delete all files from this mod.


Q: Why enemies won't chase me through doors?
A: Make sure you have installed all requirements. Check the log file (Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SKSE\EFM_Plugin.log) to see if there's any error.

Q: Why enemies won't chase me from exterior to interior.
A: Because most exterior cells don't have EncounterZones. My mod makes enemies chase you cross cells by setting the EncounterZone flag Disable Combat Boundary to true. If you really want enemies chase you from exterior to interior, try enable dynamic attachment mode.