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A mod to make Silent Moons Camp into a larger bandit camp to sate my lust for forts and towers, as well as making the lunar enchantment and forge better, and make Silent Moons Camp claimable.

Permissions and credits
With thanks to my friends Simon Magus and Andrealphus, whose feedback was invaluable for improving the mod and in motivating me to actually finish it.

Silent Moons Camp is a ruined nordic structure, around which bandits have built a small camp, supplementing the existing architecture with their own structures where needed.
I took that, and turned it up to 11.
Silent Moons Camp is still a ruined structure, but it's expanded a bit in every direction. There's more wall and more towers, and where the ancient ruins have collapsed, the gaps are bridged by stockade structures to create a blend of the decay of nordic ruins and the tenacious industry of bandit forts, continuing to beg the question of which bandits are secretly master carpenters and practicing structural engineers.
In addition to heavily modifying the camp, there are a few other changes.

Reawakening the Lunar Forge
In the vanilla game, the Silent Moons Enchantment is a pretty terrible enchantment. It's only active half the time, it's visual effects are boring, and the damage isn't very good - it doesn't even do damage without the unofficial patch. The in-game notes say it's supposed to behave vampirically, but instead it's flagged as fire damage.
I decided to fix this discrepancy and make lunar damage a somewhat competitive enchantment, as well as give it more interesting visual effects. So I edited the vanilla Silent Moons enchantment and added two new versions. One is an improved version of the basic enchantment that increases in damage as the moon fills, and one is a more efficient absorb health enchantment.
Once the lunar forge has been awakened, any weapon crafted there will have a leveled version of one of the three lunar enchantments, depending on how much the lunar forge has been awakened. The Notes on the Lunar Forge book has been updated to give some cryptic clues on how to proceed. Alternatively, more specific instructions can be read in the spoiler below.

Claiming Silent Moons Camp

Silent Moons Camp can be claimed for Whiterun Hold, the Empire, or the Stormcloaks. This uses the Lawbringer framework. If you do not have the framework active, the mod will disable the ability to claim the camp. The guards for whichever faction you claim it for will have a small chance of spawning with lunar versions of their regular weapons.