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Bring order to a chaotic world, making a real difference in Skyrim as you go about saving it. Claim bandit strongholds for the faction of your choice to keep the bandits from coming back, making Skyrim a safer place.

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This version of the mod is deprecated. All future updates are SE exclusive. Maintaining two versions of this mod is awful and very few people download this version.

For an idea that I included on a whim, the ability to claim Valtheim was surprisingly well-received. People liked the idea of their actions having a lasting, positive impact on the world, and they also liked not being extorted by a bandit who didn't realize how underleveled she was. It was nice to know those bandits wouldn't be an issue for you, or anyone else, after you dealt with them once, instead of finding a new set of squatters every two weeks.
I've done different kinds of mods since then as my interests shift basically at random, but the idea of spreading the ability to claim locations across more and more parts of Skyrim was something people often brought up if they were talking about one of my mods. Only recently was I able to make a system that I could easily spread from one area to the next, letting you claim more and more areas as your character defeated the enemies there, stabilizing Skyrim one area at a time.

Lawbringer is a mod that lets you claim several bandit outposts for the faction you support, and it's a framework that can be expanded to let you claim any location for any faction you like. After clearing a supported area, you'll be able to find a nearby banner and use it to claim the fort. After that, waiting or leaving the fort will clear it and lead to it being taken over by the faction you claimed it for. Lawbringer supports Radiant Exclusions by default, so there's no chance of you being sent to clear a boss who no longer exists as long as you've got the Radiant Exclusions plugin.

These areas offer support for claiming for Hold Guards, the Imperials, or the Stormcloaks:
  • Bannermist Tower
  • Bleak Falls Tower
  • Ruins of Bthalft
  • Falkreath Watchtower
  • Four Skull Lookout
  • Nilheim
  • Pinefall Bridge
  • Rift Watchtower
  • Shor's Watchtower
  • Snowpoint Beacon

These areas can also be claimed for Madanach's faction of the Forsworn (if you sided with him in his quest and he is alive), the Reach, the Imperials, or the Stormcloaks:
  • Bleakwind Bluff
  • Cradlestone Tower
  • Dragon Bridge Overlook
  • Lost Valley Redoubt

Other mods using Lawbringer:
  • Tactical Valtheim
  • Halted Stream Mine
  • Serenity
    Mountain passes like Brittleshin Pass are also on my list once I've added support for locations that cross Hold borders.

    Adding basic Lawbringer support to a new area takes me about 10 minutes right now. Mostly, it's a matter of drag and dropping the right things, and then my system will Just Work. Tutorials for adding basic support are included with the mod. If you have any further questions about implementation, feel free to PM me.