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This mod changes the look of the female player character by giving her the cape and chest plate of the male player character.

Permissions and credits
This mod alters the sprites of Frey (the female player character) to give her a slightly more princessly look. Keep in mind that this changes only the sprites, not the 3D model.

Step 1:
Find the "Bundle" folder in your computer. If you bought it on Steam, it's usually located in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rune Factory 4 Special\Bundle

Step 2:
Extract the files you downloaded from this mod page into the Bundle folder. There are two files you have to extract:
- 00_PLAYER_W_body_00.texture - This is the standard pose sprite, used in most dialogues.
- 00_PLAYER_W_body_01_sp1.texture - This the shouting sprite, used when the character is angry or something.

Step 3:
Run the game and enjoy.

This mod is compatible with any mods that don't alter Frey's default outfit sprites.

Gender Swap (Same Sex Marriage) Mod
The Gender Swap (Same Sex Marriage) mod is awesome. As such, I'm going to explain here how install both it and this mod together. 

Step 1:
Install the Gender Swap (Same Sex Marriage) mod fully first since we are going to be replacing two of the files you will extract from that mod. 

Step 2:
Download the Alternate Frey Outfit mod, but don't extract its contents to the Bundle folder yet. Instead, extract them to a temporary folder, such as your Desktop.

Step 3:
Rename the two files you extracted to replace the "W" in the name with an "M". In other words, the two files which were originally named 00_PLAYER_W_body_00.texture and 00_PLAYER_W_body_01_sp1.texture should now be renamed to 00_PLAYER_M_body_00.texture and 00_PLAYER_M_body_01_sp1.texture.

Step 4:
Move those two newly renamed files to the Bundle folder. When asked whether you want to replace any files in the destination that already have those names, choose to replace them.

Step 5:
Run the game and enjoy.

To uninstall this mod, simply delete the aforementioned .texture files (the ones you placed into the Bundle folder during installation).

Modding the Game Yourself
If you want to try your hand at modding, know that this mod was made with the following tools: