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Switch the main characters gender to allow same sex marriage.

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Update: Sorry about the delay everyone. I haven't really been in the right headspace for the past few months. This mod has a few issues it seems. Luckily, auaurorau made an excellent patch to fix a lot of them. You can find the patch here.

This mod switches the main character genders, without needing extra orders, to enable same sex marriage. It changes voices, dialogue options, portraits, models, and animations.

To install, simply download the file manually, and extract the zip into the "Bundle" folder in your Rune Factory 4 install directory.

I've added support for both Japanese voices, and English voices. Unfortunately, the dialogue only is in English. I may extend it to other languages, but I can't grantee anything, since I only know English.

Known Issues:
´╗┐Main Character still enters the wrong bath.

Special thanks to darkxex for their mbundle extractor, and JPAN for making all of these tools possible.