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(Outdated, use gender swap from Rastrum)
This mod was made based on the instructions that were used to swap the texture portraits and model with Frey's model to Lest's model. Thus allowing for starting the game as the opposite gender for both characters. This is meant to be used with Extra Orders and Rastrum's Dialogue Gender Swap mod.

Permissions and credits

If you still want to use this, make sure you download THE DIALOGUE SWAP ONLY FROM RASTRUM’S MOD, NOT THE NEW FILES.

This mod is INTENDED for use with 2 things.
1. Rastrum's Dialogue Gender Swap mod
2. Extra Orders (change appearance). You must play as Frey (female) and use extra orders to swap to Lest (male)

Why you need Rastrums Mod:
This mod specifically only changes the swaps the model and textures of Lest's portraits and model over Frey's model. Hence why you need Rastrum's dialogue gender swap if you want as much immersion as possible to have proper pronouns like "prince" and etc.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This reverses the first two options in the beginning of the game for your gender. Goodness I'm so high up will be at the top of the screen instead (meaning if you want to play Lest and date boys, you have to choose the BOTTOM OPTION (So you STILL pick I'm Flying High Baby but it'll be the bottom option, if you wanna have gay yaoi Boy's Love romance)

Extra Orders (and Disclaimer):
Face portraits will appear a bit odd (due to swap), so you will need to use Extra Orders to fix the swap. If you have a complete System Save file (not a slot save), or have beaten the main story, you can then use extra orders to change Lest's appearance properly. I've provided a link to a complete save file at least in 'requirements'

I became rather impatient and wanted to already have my Yaoi/BL so I followed the instructions I read on a reddit post (from BlazeStarr) on switching the files names of Frey's files to Lests (by adding W in place of M, or 01 in place of 00 where it was necessary.) And for other Fudanshi/Fujoshi/BL/Yaoi fans, I want to share this mod with everyone for ease of access.

In the future, I imagine someone could make an even better gay mod of some kind, but for now, this is just something I did for myself initially since only a Lest to Frey mod had been done on steam and not vice versa like this mod. (I'd hope that person uploads to nexus for ease of access.)

So, after having been asked here and there, I've decided to also add Lest to Frey swapping, so you can have some yuri too.

To Install:
Take the files in the ZIP and drop them into the "Bundle" folder within your "Rune Factory 4 special" install location.

SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rune Factory 4 Special\Bundle

Also drop Rastrum's files into the same location, "bundle" 

and a system save file, rf4_sys, (and NOT the save slots like rf4_s01) that has the complete data so that Extra Orders are unlocked from the get go goes in your:
%appdata%/Roaming/Rune Factory 4 Special folder 

In Game:
choose the bottom option on your first dialogue choice. If you are using Rastrum's Gender Dialogue Swap as you should be, "I'm flying high baby" should be the bottom choice for the model swapped Frey. If you are using an rf4_sys.sav with extra orders unlocked (complete file) then when you get to the "Order" board and are able to fully use it after the tutorial, select extra orders, then change your appearance option, and change to Male protagonist (Lest).

Update: For Frey (female) choose the first upper dialogue choice in game instead which is "Goodness I'm so high up" if you are using Rastrum's gender dialogue swap

I'm not a programmer. All I literally did was rename files. This takes know special knowledge at all. And I can't do anything more than this. I have ZERO skills to do anything more than this mod (and maybe texture editing)

Do know, for those who don't know the mod from the 3DS days, you can't enter the boys bathroom or any of that because this is a TEXTURE MODEL SWAP. Hence why I pray someone who knows how to truly mod comes by and makes something more sophisticated, maybe even on the programming level.

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility if you screw up following the instructions not getting expected results (mainly pertaining to the save file) and accidentally just overwrite a save slot or something.