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Fixes numerous graphical, textual, and audio issues in Rastrum's Gender Swap mod.

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It seems that Rastrum's excellent Gender Swap mod has some problems, yes? A couple of oddly behaving or misnamed face textures, swapped audio files, and text that was written with the assumption that the player's gender is different. This patch fixes some of that. It's a work-in-progress, yes?

To install the patch, simply extract one of the archive files in your game's \Bundle\ directory.

The text edits mostly focus on text encountered while playing as a gender-swapped Frey -- ie. the lesbian option. I've made some edits to the Lest playthrough too, but I believe they are less extensive. A more detailed explanation can be found in the readme in the documentation tab of this page.

Unfortunately, even for a Frey playthrough, the fixes aren't comprehensive. This is because modding the text of this game hecking sucks! All of the game's text is in a 110,000 line text file without indicators of who's speaking and when.

For now, there's only a version that fixes Japanese voices and a version that doesn't include voices. If you're playing on English voices, use the latter one. Otherwise the spoken language will suddenly change for a few lines. I may whip up a proper version for English voices later.

Please note:
  • Only English is supported. 申し訳ありませんが、MODの日本語版を作る予定はありません。仕事量はちょっとすぎるので。
  • The player still enters the wrong bath. Can't fix (Lack the technical means).
  • Lest's blush remains untested. It's probably misaligned. Send me a screenshot if it looks wonky and I can try and fix it.
  • The wrong player character appears in at least two video cutscenes during Newlywed Mode. Can't fix (Not an animator).
  • Another Episodes are wholly untouched. All of of them are fully voice-acted, so I thought it best to leave them as-is instead of removing voice lines willy-nilly. If you have good ideas on how to deal with them, let me know.
  • Newlywed modes for gender-swapped Lest are untouched. I'm not planning on looking at them, but there's a chance I might fix issues that get reported to me.
  • The pajama party events have not seen any editing.
  • Events involving the child have not seen any editing. It seems I'll edit them when sweet Xiao Pai blesses me with a child, yes?
  • Two wives or two husbands can have a child. Don't worry about it. Happens to the best of us.
  • Some voice lines remain incorrectly gendered or entirely missing. See the readme in the documentation tab of this page for more details.