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****About the text edits
By default, large amounts of the game's text are cleverly written so as to not be gendered. Probably because then you can use the same text for both player characters. However, the conversations during relationships, marriage events, gendered festivals and so-on are often gendered. Some of these conversations were easy to fix, and some were rather more complex.

Where reasonable, I've changed male-coded language referring to the player to be female-coded and vice versa. For example, here's the before and after of one of Clorica's lines during a date:
(He's so close to me...)
(She's so close to me...)
This is an easy and non-intrusive change to make. Not much more to say about these.

However, a swap in a gendered word will sometimes produce nonsensical or unnatural phrases. This happens when the original text activates a gendered discourse that doesn't mesh with the new gender. For an illustration of the issue, see what happens when one of Pico's lines gets edited as in the earlier example (context: player opens a jar):
''I guess it's not surprising a gentleman could open it.''
''I guess it's not surprising a lady could open it.'' (?)
The result, I would wager, sounds off to most readers. Pico's original line heavily reads as activating the dominant discourse of 'men-as-strong', but the new line attempts to activate 'women-as-strong'. Which...really isn't what we expect in our society. So, I've instead written around it:
''I guess it's not surprising such a strong lady as you could open it.''
Here we have an attempt at activating a 'player-as-strong' discourse, which is much more natural in the situation.

Valentine's Day & White Day caused the most headaches. Girls are expected to give cookies on Valentine's, and boys are expected to do so on White Day. But even when you're playing as Frey, the game internally thinks you're playing Lest. And so, you'll find that the girls happily take your gifts on White Day and are rather confused when you gift them stuff on Valentine's. For example, Xiao Pai (best wife) has this when you gift her a cookie during Valentine's Day:
[NAME], you are a man, yes?
>It was a secret, but...
Because the entire topic revolves around gender confusion, it doesn't work with small changes. So what I've done is essentially rewrite enough of the conversation that it makes *some* sense without misgendering the player.
[NAME], this is a ''friendship cookie,'' yes?
This isn't a great solution, and I'm not happy about it. The best solution would be to swap the conversations Frey and Lest get, but as far as I know, this isn't possible with available modding tools.

Also, don't think too hard about the gender roles during the festival, or you might find that they now make less sense.

****About the voice edits
Here's some more detailed information on what I did. It's probably useful for someone if I lose interest in this game before making a version for English voices.
-V_PLAM_ATK_MORATTA.ogg mistakenly played a variant of _MIRIONSUTORAIKU.ogg instead of either _MORATTA_A.ogg or _MORATTA_B.ogg.
-I improvised some audio files from the existing ones for the newlywed stuff, replacing some of the voiced lines the player character gets in every scenario. If you want a few more lines of unique voice acting and don't care that Frey's voice suddenly changes into Lest's voice, you can delete all the files that start with STRM_. (You may notice that files 070, 180 and 190 are not included -- this is because they don't play anywhere in-game, as far as I can tell.)

****About the texture edits
Here's some more detailed information on what I did. I don't know what you'd use this info for, but I wrote it down anyway.
-The file 00_PLAYER_M_face_000_NORMAL.texture was renamed to 00_PLAYER_M_face_000_normal.texture because some users had issues with the capitalized name.
-The file emo_SHY_00_PLAYER_M.texture and _W.texture were redone because instead of a blush there was a UI element. Lest's blush is probably misaligned.

****Voice line issues
-When playing as Frey, multiple JPN voice lines for her pet names have incorrect gendering.
"Sweetie" has 旦那様
"Love" has パパ
"Princess" has 王子様 (and probably "Prince" in ENG)
I don't really know if there's much I can do about this.

-The amorous name callout variants (eg. V_PLAM_CALL_CLO_LOVE.ogg) are empty audio files.
This is understandable because there are no amorous same-sex callouts in the files. However, it would probably be better to have *some* kind of a callout play instead of silence. If there is a magical way to edit audio to make the existing lines sound more romantic, I don't know of it. So I'll probably just copy the regular callout for romantical use, unless it turns out to be a total mood killer.

-In Newlywed Mode as Lest, some lines will play in Frey's voice.
I'm not interested in boys and working with audio was the least fun part of this project, so I'll probably never fix this. Unless you're happy with just replacing the audio files with silence, because that's simple and easy.