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|__ __( ) | \/ | | |
| | |/ ___ | \ / | ___ __| |___
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| | \__ \ | | | | (_) | (_| \__ \
|_| |___/ |_| |_|\___/ \__,_|___/

| Vanilla-friendly mods for a better RimWorld |
| |
| v1.19.1 - 31st August 2018 - RimWorld Beta 19 |

What's Included?

[T] ExpandedCloth
Cotton plants now produce fibre. Research the textile bench to process the
fibre or disassemble unwanted apparel.

[T] ExpandedCrops
Adds new crops with unique "eaten raw" thoughts. Includes a model T stove that
adds 2 recipes encouraging a varied colony diet, and a kitchen cupboard that can
boost its work speed.

[T] MiscStuff
Scrap metal walls that are cheap and fast to build but weak. Alert lamps that
will change colour depending on how dangerous it is nearby as long as you've
also built a threat sensor to pass them data.

[T] MoreBedsCloth OR [T] MoreBedsVanilla
Adds five new bed colours for all bed sizes with tweaked graphics.
MoreBedsCloth changes beds to need cloth to build; MoreBedsVanilla doesn't. Use
the one you prefer!

[T] MoreFloors
Adds a wide selection of new floors to decorate your colony with: Six wood
floors, thirteen stone floors, six new carpet colours, checkered and wool
carpets, plasteel and jade floors, and straw flooring for that real barn feel.

[T] RawCropThoughts
Redefines vanilla crops to give each of them unique colonist thoughts when
eaten raw.

Manual Installation (for Ludeon Forum / Dropbox / Nexusmods downloads)

To install TMods, simply unzip the mod's zip file into your RimWorld "Mods"
subfolder, load RimWorld, then activate the parts you want to use by clicking
the Mods button on the main menu and ticking the mods to enable.

Unless you are using a patch specifically designed for older versions, please
make sure you delete any old versions of TMods before extracting the new ones!
Filenames may change and other differences may be present. Overwriting an old
installation will almost always cause errors.

Steam Installation (for Steam Workshop subscribers)

Simply subscribe to the individual mods that you want to use through the Steam
Workshop and then launch RimWorld normally. Everything else should be handled
for you automatically.


I know there are a few mods which may do related or identical things - I've not
knowingly copied any ideas or work from them. Everything here is original and
I've credited sources of artwork that I didn't paint from scratch in the
"credits.txt" file inside the About folder of relevant sub-mods. It's not my
intent to step on anyone's toes so contact me if there's anything I can do

I'm pretty fussy about looks, so I've tried to make sure that all of the
graphics in my mods don't stick out like a sore thumb and clearly depict what
they are. I think that they merge reasonably well with each other and keep
within the RimWorld art direction. That said, I'm not an artist, so I'd
be happy to hear suggestions for improvements!

1.19.1 - 31st August 2018
* Updated to and balanced for Beta 19
* ADD: ExpandedCrops - added graphics to show stacks of meals
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - reduced UI bloat by using new B19 designator dropdowns

1.18.4b - 20th December 2017
* STANDARDS: Add ModSync support to all mods

1.18.4 - 14th December 2017
* STANDARDS: Remove now-unnecessary copies of Core XML defs
* STANDARDS: Adjust case in TMod XMLs from "thingDef" to "ThingDef" as per Core XML

1.18.3 - 24th November 2017
* FIX: MoreBeds - beds now link correctly with dressers and end tables
* FIX: MoreBeds - removed vitals monitor support as per vanilla beds

1.18.2 - 23rd November 2017
* FIX: MoreFloors - changed required affordances on all floors to match vanilla RimWorld

1.18.1 - 18th November 2017
* Official Beta 18 release - no changes

1.18.1pr1 - 5th November 2017
* Updated to and balanced for Beta 18 unstable
* FIX: ExpandedCrops - electric stoves now correctly benefit from kitchen cupboards

1.17.2 - 9th July 2017
* FIX: ExpandedCloth - "deconstruct hat" bill now accepts bowler hats
* FIX: ExpandedCrops - replaced kitchen cupboard linking patch with dismar's more compatible version

1.17.1 - 26th May 2017
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 17
* Revised all mods to use A17 patching - no more Core redefs!
* ADD: MoreFloors - carpets, wooden floors, and straw flooring are now all flammable as in vanilla
* ADD: MoreFloors - German translation, thanks to Candacis
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - rough stone paving given new A17 "road" tag
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - adjust stone flooring required materials and work to build
* TWEAK: MoreBeds - beds without a specific colour will now tint just like vanilla beds do
* TWEAK: MoreBeds - integrated compatibility with Anonemous2's More Furniture
* TWEAK: ExpandedCrops - carrots and tomatoes growth time and harvest yield doubled
* TWEAK: ExpandedCrops - lettuce harvest yield and stack size doubled
* TWEAK: ExpandedCrops - model T cupboard is now simply "kitchen cupboard" and boosts both vanilla stoves
* TWEAK: ExpandedCrops - no more model T stove; new recipes are patched into both vanilla stoves
* FIX: MoreFloors - work around vanilla save hash collision gold ore <-> marble/sandstone chequer frame
* FIX: MoreFloors - straw flooring can now be built on

-- Old version numbers ahoy! --

1.13.2 - 2nd January 2017
* COMPAT: RawCropThoughts - removed AteRawFood redef to work nicer with mods that add crops
* FIX: RawCropThoughts - added "bad food" thought bubble to raw potatoes / rice

1.13.1 - 31st December 2016
* FIX: ExpandedCloth - padded sleeping spot had missing XML values that reduced its usefulness

1.13.0 - 23rd December 2016
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 16
* RE-ADD: RawCropThoughts - the artist formerly known as CoreCropTweaks, minus the custom graphics
* ADD: MiscStuff - threat sensor AI given a logic upgrade; now properly assesses manhunter animals
* ADD: MoreFloors - wool loom workbench produces woven wool required for woolen carpets
* ADD: MoreFloors - woolen carpeting in all colours, beauty 3
* ADD: MoreFloors - plasteel flooring - beauty 3, never gets dirty, sterile; 8 plasteel, 1 component each
* ADD: MoreFloors - jade flooring - beauty 9; 10 jade each
* ADD: MoreFloors - each wood flooring type now has its own beauty / work to make / material quantity
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - all added floors except vanilla carpet colours are now in the MoreFloors tab
* TWEAK: ExpandedCloth - cotton processing skill removed; cloth production now uses crafting skill
* TWEAK: ExpandedCloth - raw cotton now only starts to rot after 21 days (was 14 days)
* TWEAK: ExpandedCrops - better item graphics for raw tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots
* FIX: ExpandedCrops - added crops and meals all have unique colonist thoughts back again
* FIX: MiscStuff - threat sensor description had an unfinished

1.12.1 - 31st August 2016
* FIX: Reverted some XML trimming to follow best practices for compatibility

1.12.0 - 28th August 2016
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 15
* COMPAT: MoreBeds - now has a compatibility version to work with Anonemous2's More Furniture
* ADD: Terraforming - it's back, now 42% less rubbish than before! Maybe!
* ADD: Terraforming - "fast composting" research leads to compost production from organic materials
* ADD: Terraforming - compost is used to "build" soil on gravel, and rich soil on normal soil
* ADD: Terraforming - geoform crystals now turn rich soil into geoformed soil with 200% fertility
* TWEAK: Terraforming - gravel fertility reduced to 25% (from 70%)
* TWEAK: ExpandedCloth - bills on the textile bench now require Tailoring instead of Crafting

1.11.0 - 18th July 2016
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 14
* Individual mods added to Steam Workshop
* ADD: ExpandedCrops - bulk cookery recipes added to the model T stove
* MERGE: ConditionRed - moved into MiscStuff
* REMOVED: Terraforming - being reworked, but will return for Alpha 15
* REMOVED: CoreCropTweaks - discontinued; no longer possible to add ingestion thoughts via pure XML

1.10.1 - 1st May 2016
* ADD: ExpandedCloth - German translation from Raccoon
* FIX: ExpandedCrops - should now load alongside CCL without errors
* TWEAK: Terraforming - soil and rich soil now require only 5 geoform crystals to build

1.10.0 - 15th April 2016
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 13
* ADD: NEW MOD - [T] Terraforming allows better control of the terrain around your colony
* ADD: MoreBeds - colours for plain double beds and update royal beds to new vanilla style
* ADD: MoreBeds - put beds on same altitudelayer as walls to fix draw order in certain placings
* ADD: MoreFloors - add eight styles of chequered stone floor in various combinations
* ADD: Updated Korean translation - accurate up to v1.9.1 content (thanks again to Latta!)
* TWEAK: ExpandedCrops - lettuce rot time decreased to 7 days

1.9.1 - 7th September 2015
* ADD: Korean translation for MoreFloors (thanks Latta!)
* FIX: MoreBedsCloth - vanilla bed and royal bed now also require cloth

1.9.0 - 23rd August 2015
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 12, including some shamefully overdue tweaks and bugfixes
* ADD: ExpandedCrops - model T kitchen cupboards boost the work speed of a nearby model T stove
* ADD: MoreFloors - each stone flooring type now has its own beauty / work to make / material amount
* FIX: MoreFloors - rustic wooden floorboards no longer require marble blocks
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - added plain carpets now match up with the vanilla RimWorld texture
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - muted carpet colouring so that they are less garish
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - split XML definitions into 3 files for new wood, carpet, and stone floors
* TWEAK: 3D-ify graphics for added workbenches (they don't quite match vanilla sizes yet)

1.8.1 - 17th June 2015
* ADD: MoreFloors - overhauled stone floor textures into HD (1024px)
* ADD: MoreFloors - stone floors can now be built using all stone types (20 new variations)
* FIX: MoreBedsCloth - add back the hotkey for basic royal bed (oops)
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - added stone floors are now listed in a separate Architect tab
* TWEAK: MoreFloors - better definitions shaved off 14MB of unnecessary textures

1.8.0 - 16th June 2015
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 11, including minor delights such as:
* FIX: ExpandedCloth - textile bench is now PassThroughOnly
* FIX: ExpandedCloth - wrong nutrition value for cotton plant
* FIX: ExplandedCrops - wrong nutrition value for added crops
* FIX: MoreBeds - remove duplicate hotkey on added royal beds
* FIX: MoreBeds - fix unmasked pixels in red bed front

1.7.1 - 12th May 2015
* FIX: MoreBeds - give beds their comfort values back, adjust beauty and work to make match core A10 values
* FIX: ExpandedCloth - make raw cotton rottable

1.7.0 - 3rd May 2015
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 10

1.6.0 - 20th February 2015
* Updated to and balanced for Alpha 9
* Significant compatibility overhaul to try and make TMods more friendly with others
* COMPAT: ExpandedCloth - remove redefinition of cloth (only changes graphic)
* COMPAT: ExpandedCloth - remove redefinition of tailor's bench
* COMPAT: ExpandedCloth - apparel deconstruction recipes are now placed on the textile bench
* COMPAT: ExpandedCloth - remove redefinition of carpet making research time
* COMPAT: ExpandedCloth - remove haberdasher merchant (no longer needed)
* COMPAT: ExpandedCrops - remove blackberries and redefinition of biome defs
* COMPAT: ExpandedCrops - remove redefinition of cooking stove
* COMPAT: ExpandedCrops - split core crop def and thought changes into CoreCropTweaks
* COMPAT: MoreFloors - remove redefinition of vanilla carpets (unnecessary)
* COMPAT: MoreBeds - split into MoreBedsCloth (which adds cloth requirement) and MoreBedsVanilla (which doesn't)
* ADD: CoreCropTweaks - new harvested item graphics for corn, rice, and hops
* FIX: ExpandedCrops - adjust salad recipe to prevent it being made purely with lettuce
* TWEAK: ConditionRed - to build alert lamps you now need to have colored lighting researched
* TWEAK: MiscStuff - scrap metal walls are weaker but build slightly faster

1.5.2 - January 6th 2015
* FIX: ExpandedCrops - blackberry bush texture path was corrected
* FIX: ExpandedCrops - tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots were missing the "die when leafless" flag
* FIX: ConditionRed - alert lamps should now always strobe correctly in "condition red" status
* FIX: ConditionRed - threat sensors no longer providing data to alert lamps when unpowered
* TWEAK: ConditionRed - alert lamps linked to an unpowered threat sensor now dimly glow blue
* TWEAK: ConditionRed - alert lamp glow during "condition green" has a slight green hue

1.5.1 - December 26th 2014
* FIX: ExpandedCloth now allows deconstruction of tuques and parkas
* FIX: MoreBeds had an incorrect mask image for sideways purple beds
* TWEAK: ExpandedCloth deconstructing now yields only ~30% materials (was ~40%)
* TWEAK: ExpandedCloth deconstructing work required and XP gain per item type balancing

1.5.0 - December 24th 2014
* Updated to Alpha 8
* ADD: High-definition resource graphics for ExpandedCrops and ExpandedCloth
* ADD: ExpandedCrops - a new meal, tomato and carrot soup, requiring 7 Cooking skill
* ADD: ExpandedCropsCompat - new graphic for berries
* ADD: ExpandedCloth - padded sleeping spots built with raw cotton
* FIX: The new beds added by MoreBeds now graphically reflect the stuff they're built from
* TWEAK: The added stone floors in MoreFloors now require specific types of stone to build

* FIX: Another biome defs disease chance fix for ExpandedCrops as per alpha 7c hotfix

* FIX: ExpandedCrops biome defs now include lowered disease chances as per alpha 7b hotfix

v1.4.0 - October 2nd 2014
* Updated to Alpha 7
* ADD: New deconstruction recipes at the tailor's workbench to get cloth from unwanted apparel
* FIX: Colonists who eat salad meals will now correctly get a suitable thought
* FIX: General tidying, fixing, and rewriting for all mods to fit the balance and features of A7
* TWEAK: CottonCarpets removed
* TWEAK: MoreCarpets merged into MoreFloors
* TWEAK: CottonBeds removed - instead, all new beds in MoreBeds now partly require cloth
* TWEAK: BetterCrops renamed to ExpandedCrops
* TWEAK: Cotton renamed to ExpandedCloth

v1.3.0 - August 13th 2014
* Updated to Alpha 6
* BetterCrops: Various balance tweaks to keep in line with recent changes to RimWorld Core
* Added [T] MiscStuff
- Currently contains just one new addition, the scrap metal wall, with artwork created by Shinzy

* Added [T] MoreBeds / CottonBeds
- Five new colours for normal and royal beds
- Bed graphics slightly tweaked
* Added Mod menu preview banners for all mods

* Added [T] ConditionRed
* Balanced cotton processing skill and job yield
- Crafting skill of 5 now yields 2 bolts per cotton process job
- Crafting skill of 15 now yields 3 bolts per cotton process job
- Cotton processing work amount increased slightly from 700 to 800
* Changes to trading cotton bolts
- Cotton is now traded through a separate trading ship, the haberdasher
- Haberdashers stock about twice as much cotton cloth as those useless industrials

* Updated to Alpha 5

* Initial release