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Cobbled together placeholder models from the in-game files with heads for the playable characters other than Ethan.

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These are just piecemeal models to use with my third-person script until proper ones are available for the game's side characters. I barely know anything about modeling so these are just from extracting, renaming, and moving files from the normal in-game ones. Any problems with these models is most likely because of improper implementation on my part.

Ethan's body is used for Clancy and Mia as it is one of the few in-game body models that doesn't cause camera glitches in the VHS tapes. Mia's head is too complex to copy-paste so Zoe's was used for her.

Chris and Joe are replaced with a Blue Umbrella soldier's model. Joe's head is in the in-game files but isn't textured and Chris doesn't have an in-game
head at all. Zoe is given the same model as Mia.

For the DLC characters, enable their models only in their appropriate DLC. The third-person script may currently cause crashes outside them otherwise, such as loading the main game's VHS tapes. To minimize risk, enable them, go straight into the DLC and wait for it to become fully playable. Only then activate the third-person script. Disable the model when done with the DLC.

As far as I know, all the models for the main game should be safe to keep permanently enabled.


To use a model replacement, download fluffyquack's Mod Manager, set the game path of re7.exe, and drop the rar file(s) in the Games\RE7\Mods folder. A video tutorial can be found on the third-person script page in the "VIDEOS" section.


Instructions to mess with the model files yourself can be found over at the RE modding boards. I used RETool to extract the game's files from their .pak format and Noesis to view the models. Afterwards, I renamed some compatible ones and placed them at the appropriate file paths so the game would load them instead of the normal ones.