Resident Evil 4 (2023)
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A REFramework plugin that adds Direct2D scripting APIs. Requires at least version 1.5.4 of REFramework.

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The original author of the mod is cursecat (cursey)! I simply uploaded it to RE4 mods! Original upload on nexus: here.

This is a REFramework plugin that adds a Direct2D scripting API. You can think of this as a modder's resource intended on making better overlay style mods. The main benefit to modders is improved font rendering, out of the box support for Unicode rendering, and updating at a lower rate than every frame (to lower the overall performance impact of overlay style scripts).

To install:
1) Download and extract
2) Copy the /reframework/ folder into your Resident Evil 4 directory.
3) Make sure reframework-d2d.dll is in the games /reframework/plugins/ directory.
4) Make sure reframework-d2d.lua is in the games /reframework/autorun/ directory.

Development of this plugin takes place on cursey's github. This is also where you can find the documentation for the scripting API this plugin adds.

Requires at least version 1.5.4 of REFramework.

v0.1.1 - Initial release on nexus.

- Fixed a freeze that could happen when an error occurred inside one of the `d2d.register` functions. 
- Improved error handling and reporting in general.
- Added reframework-d2d.lua to let users customize the max update rate for the plugin.
- Increased the default update rate from 30hz to 60hz.

v0.2.1: - Improved alpha blending.

- Refactored resources (such as fonts) into their own types
- Added support for loading and drawing images

v0.4.0: - Moved Lua callbacks to run during the games BeginRendering phase.

- Fix game exit freeze
- Update dependencies
- Cleanup of build scripts