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Overlay mod that draws floating numbers of the damage dealt.

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Overlay mod that draws health bars on top of enemies' heads.

Features a keyframe system for custom animations. P.S. Font Size cannot be animated due to REF/REF D2D limitations.

I highly recommend to NOT use this mod during the first playthrough because it will ruin the intended experience.

If you like my mods, please consider making a small donation! That would be very helpful for me to maintain existing mods and create new ones in the future!

Suggestion: Try it in a combination with another of my mods: Health Bars! For the full "Modern Gaming Experience" xD

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How to install:

  • Install REFramework;
  • Install REFramework Direct2D;
    Windows: Works normally.
    Linux: Latest Experimental Proton seems to have it working normally as well (cursey/reframework-d2d#5).
    Steam Deck: I've seen people getting it working but I don't have the exact instructions.
       You will have to figure it out yourself and/or search the nexus pages for information (REFramework, REFramework Direct2D).
  • Download the mod;
  • Extract the mod from the archive and place it in Resident Evil 4 folder. Final path should look like this: /RESIDENT EVIL 4  BIOHAZARD RE4/reframework/autorun/Health_Bars.lua
  • For customization: press Insert key to open/close REFramework menu, then press Script-generated UI tab, then press Health Bars button.

GreenComfyTea - creator of the mod and it's main contributor.
cursecat - creator of REFramework and REFramework Direct2D.
praydog2 - creator of REFramework.