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Reduce TAA blur by forcing DLAA, & replace DLSS DLL versions / customize DLSS scaling ratios / set different DLSS3.1 presets... all the DLSS tweaks you could need!

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Wrapper DLL that can force DLAA onto DLSS-supported titles, along with tweaking scaling ratios & DLSS 3.1 presets.

The DLSS DLL can also be overridden through this mod, allowing you to switch DLSS version without worrying about the DLL being overwritten by RGL.

This has been tested with Nvidia driver series 528 531 - earlier drivers may have issues, recommend updating if DLSSTweaks doesn't seem to apply to any games for you.

Many hours have gone into development/testing/research, along with debugging issues with different games.
If the tweaks help improve your experience, please consider buying a coffee!


Setting up the mod isn't too difficult, in a nutshell: download the ZIP, extract contents of it to game folder, and use the DLSSTweaksConfig tool to enable your desired tweaks (usually can just enable "ForceDLAA" setting if you just want to force DLAA) - then finally launch the game, and the tweaks you enabled should take effect when any DLSS quality level is enabled in-game.

Detailed setup guide:

  1. Download the "1. DLSSTweaks for RDR2" pack from the files section of the mod page.
  2. Extract the contents of that ZIP file into your "Red Dead Redemption 2" folder.
  3. Ensure that the xinput9_1_0.dlldlsstweaks.ini & DLSSTweaksConfig.exe files are located in the same folder as RDR2.exe, this is necessary for DLSSTweaks to load in & any tweaks enabled in the INI file to take effect.
  4. Run the DLSSTweaksConfig.exe app to open the DLSSTweaks configuration tool, here you can modify all the tweaks available.
  5. To force game to use DLAA, just change the "ForceDLAA" setting to True and then save the config, on next game launch all DLSS modes will then act as DLAA instead. (note that this will have a performance impact if you were previously using DLSS, since the game will now render at full-res for every mode)
  6. If you're using the Rockstar Games Launcher, you can force RDR2 to use an updated DLSS DLL by using the "Add DLL Override" feature in the config tool, and then choosing a nvngx_dlss.dll that you want the game to use - as long as the DLL is outside of the game folder RGL should be prevented from overwriting the DLSS you've chosen.
  7. Many other tweaks are also available inside the INI for those interested, the Usage section below gives some examples for them (eg. enabling the "UltraQuality" setting)

FYI there's no need to rename this DLL to nvngx_dlss.dll or replace the existing nvngx_dlss.dll at all, this does operate on the DLSS DLL, but it does this without touching the original file. (usually you can just leave the filename as whatever it came as in the ZIP you downloaded)

Note for ScriptHook+Vulkan users: if your game seems to switch from Vulkan to DX12 on launch there may be some incompatibility with ScriptHook, haven't been able to reproduce this on my side yet, but as a workaround you can use the "2. DLSSTweaks alternate loader" release from the files section which uses the nvngx.dll/reg file method.

To set up that alternate release:
  • Make sure any files from the first release are removed (xinput9_1_0.dll / dlsstweaks.ini / DLSSTweaksConfig.exe)
  • Download the "2. DLSSTweaks alternate loader" pack from the files section
  • Extract the nvngx.dll / dlsstweaks.ini / EnableNvidiaSigOverride.reg / DLSSTweaksConfig.exe from that pack into your Red Dead Redemption 2 folder, next to RDR2.exe
  • Double-click the EnableNvidiaSigOverride.reg file & allow it to merge in - this will only affect certain Nvidia specific signature checks, not anything to do with Windows itself
  • Now use the DLSSTweaksConfig.exe app as mentioned above to set up your desired tweaks, and then run the game
  • (Nvidia driver updates may reset the SigOverride reg change, recommend keeping the reg file next to your game EXE so you can reapply it after updating)

Hoping to look into why the main file doesn't work properly with it soon, bit of a bummer since I already spent the past week looking into compatibility issues with other games, hopefully can get it ironed out soon.

(NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ONLINE PLAY - the way this hooks things is similar to how some game cheats work, is likely to be detected by most anticheats)


The default dlsstweaks.ini won't make any tweaks & must be edited first - descriptions of each tweak are available in the ConfigTool and in the INI.

If you just want to force DLAA, enabling the ForceDLAA option can make all DLSS levels act as DLAA instead, rendering at full-resolution with DLSS applied to it.
(note that this will have a performance impact if you're currently using DLSS, should have about the same performance as playing without DLSS enabled, but with the bonus of applying the awesome DLAA anti-aliasing on top of it)
The game might be changing mip bias depending on DLSS level too, so feel free to experiment with them.

If ForceDLAA has too much of a performance hit, you can also tweak the scaling ratios of the existing DLSS levels to allow getting a slight quality increase over the normal DLSS levels.

For Rockstar Games Launcher users, you can force RDR2 to use an updated DLSS DLL by using the "Add DLL Override" feature in the config tool, and pointing it to a nvngx_dlss.dll file somewhere outside of the game folder (where RGL won't be able to overwrite it).

DLSSTweaks can also allow the game to use an extra "Ultra Quality" DLSS preset, which normally wouldn't be available for use - you can customize this preset to any scaling ratio you like by simply enabling the DLSSQualityLevels section & changing the UltraQuality setting.
(if you set it to 1.00 you can then use that to toggle DLAA by picking "Ultra Quality" in the in-game settings whenever you want to activate it, rather than forcing it for every scaling level)

To verify whether your tweaks are active you can set OverrideDlssHud to "Force enable" to make the DLSS on-screen display visible, there you can check the resolution/preset being used by it.

It's recommended to use this with DLSS 3.1.1+, so that the DLSSPresets section can be used (2.x should still work fine, but DLSSPresets won't have any effect)
You can find latest DLSS versions at techpowerup:

Other games:

DLSSTweaks can also be used with most other titles that support DLSS2+ too, with a quite good success rate so far.

The pack posted here is tailored for RDR2, but feel free to check the main DLSSTweaks page at for more information about setting it up with other games, along with links to other preconfigured DLSSTweaks releases.

Please don't reupload this mod elsewhere - linking would be appreciated, so people can always find the latest version.

Source code is available on my github page:

Other official uploads:
- Cyberpunk 2077:
- Reddit release thread: