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Adds NPCs around the map in places that were furnished, but for some reason had no one around.
V2 also overhauls Emerald Ranch, Lonnie's Shack, and adds a Wapiti Camp.
Requires Map Editor v1.6.1

Permissions and credits
The Heartland Update  (version 2) is here !
- Overhauled Emerald's Ranch : the General Store is open, a Butcher has opened shop, and the Saloon has re opened. Includes a free bed, free booze, and target practice.
- Lonnie's Shack has seen some restoring, and a nice couple now lives there. 
- A Wapiti Camp can be found at Brandwyne Drop.
- A familiar face added to MacFarlane's ranch
- Some general bugfixing and testing : fully compatible with AMJM Transport 
- A dude in a cave, idk, don't worry about it

Notes :
- Please check that there always is just ONE XML FILE in your Maps/Autoload folder
- Opening MapEditor in game (F5) will mess up the animations. If you have a trainer that uses this key, please consider changing the key in the settings.
- The time resets to 8am when the map loads. Can't do much about it
- Some odditiers can occur with PDO ( peds acting tired and not moving ). Nothing major.

Enjoy the update !


Some places around the map are furnished and seem inhabited, but there's no one around. I aimed to fix that.

This Map Editor file adds "Ambient NPCs" around the map. They're (mostly) nice people that will just hang around ( also a cat ).
I've uploaded a map so that you know where they all are. 

I didn't touch any place that had "environmental storytelling" going around.

Note that they're not as complex as default NPCs, and will not have a "schedule" like Vanilla NPCs do. They will also respawn everytime the game loads.

Requires Map Editor v1.6.1, which you can get from here : MapEditor 1.6.1, from LambdaRevolution
Add "MapEditor.asi" and the folder to your main install folder.
Then add my "MapEditor" folder into your main install folder and override.

A couple of notes :

Map Editor is kinda weird sometimes. Please do not open the MapEditor menu or NPCs might behave in weird ways. If an NPC is frozen, or spawns on a roof, it will be fixed next time you load a save.

- There should be no incompatibilty with any mod that doesn't use MapEditor. Notably, this works fine with Project New Austin and Buyable Properties. I also warmly recommend AMJM Transport and Ambient Gang - RDR Gang Addon !

- This touches a few places used in story missions, including a Bounty Hunter camp and Downe's Ranch. However, this shouldn't break anything. IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY ISSUE, PRESS F5 and temporarily unload the map.

- If you can think of another place that is just begging to have someone living there, feel free to let me know !