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This mod brings you a reworked euphoria configuration which is going in a more cineastic direction, which you know from older R* titles like GTA4, RDR1 and MP3.

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Hello everyone!

This Mod is bringing back some cineastic and diversified euphoria ragdoll shot reactions which R* did not consider necessary to implement since they think that the euphoria engine is a feature that "costs more time and money and players dont notice it"...

A really sad attitude and absolutely wrong in every way!!!!
The fact that youtubers these days making successfully videos about
ragdoll showcases from a game which was released 2010, speaks for itself...

When the most people talking about realism in Euphoria driven games, most of them actually mean "authentic" motions. And that was what Rockstar Games aimed for in GTA4, Red dead Redemption (2010) and MaxPayne 3. It wasnt realistic in a way that NPCs immediately fell lifeless to the ground after you shot them, but the motions the NPC was performing were really authentic, believable and movie-like for each genre the game was set in. Since GTA5 this feature is missed.

Cineastic Euphoria Ragdoll Rework (C.E.R.R)
This mod is inspired by the great and "evergreen" Red Dead Redemption from 2010...
Unfortunately its really hard to recreate this great shooting
experience from RDR1 by just watching videos and playing the game, thats
why I started studying the euphoria behaviours and parameters to create
something that maybe go in the "right direction" and would reach a kind
of the old R* standards of Euphoria ragdoll physics...

This mod is bringing you new and diversified gunshot reactions, for each weapon and also ammo type (revolver, pistol, shotgun, bow and so on)
NPCs behaving differently when shot depending on each weapon, ammo and hit zone!
I also implemented a range of random varieties to certain shot behaviors.

Lenny's Mod Loader is required!
To make this mod run properly, please make sure that this is the only
euphoria mod which is running on your game at a time. Also if you use
the "replace" folder, make sure that there are NO other files from different euphoria mods which are loaded within the game.
This mod is using 3 necessary main files.
- physicstasks.ymt
- weapons.ymt
- explosion.ymt

Please make sure that there is no other mod which is using one of those files, otherwise C.E.R.R wont work properly.

Some of the features:

- The reactions are inspired by the original Red Dead Redemption (2010) and classic western movies
- All modded Euphoria tasks have been rebuilt from the ground up to match the motions
- All own created reactions containing those classic and "alive" looking authentic euphoria features like they were before GTA5 was released
- NPCs reacting longer to shots without collapsing
- Different hit zones with significant reactions (legs, neck, head, stomach, arms, torso)
- Almost each weapon and its ammo type has its own reactions (Normal ammo, express, splitpoint, different arrows, slug, fire ammo)
- NPCs start writhing in flames instead of simply falling down when you shoot them with a fire arrow
- NPCs stay active and more life like on the ground.
- A Lowered stiffness to create more "fluid" motions to match that "satisfying" feeling, people know from GTA4, RDR1 and MP3
- And more!

Feel free to post your feedback in the comments/review section ?
I hope you enjoy the mod!

A special thanks goes to SyntheticOutlaw for giving me that great start into this kind of modding!

Please see Installation.txt for installation instructions!
This mod is 100% compatible to Red Dead Offline!
This mod is also 100% compatible to PDO! (Go to the .ini and set "EuphoriaModInstalled = 1")

In case you want to make other mods compatible which are also using the weapons.ymt file, you will need to merge all changes from the other weapon.ymt (from the other mod) into the weapons.ymt file from C.E.R.R. There are a lot of euphoria related changes in the weapons.ymt file from C.E.R.R so its less work to use this file as a base. Each section which contains changes, is marked with a comment which contains "C.E.R.R REDONE". I also marked all explicit changes with a comment which contains "CERR" (without dots between the letters to make it easy to find). Ive done this only in the weapon section "Cattleman Revolver Single" but its a repeating pattern for all other weapon sections. Just keep all values marked in the "Cattleman Revolver Single" section also in all other weapon sections to keep the C.E.R.R adjustments properly.

Just download Notepad++ and download the "Compare" and the "XML Tools" plugin.

With these plugins, you can collapse all sections by pressing "ALT+0". This makes it easier to keep track of things.
All changes are done only in:
<CWeaponInfoBlob> -> <Infos> -> <Item type="CAmmoInfo"> and <Item type="CWeaponInfo">

By using the compare function, you can compare both files to see the differences and what to take over. After you did this, just copy the changes of the other mod to the weapons.ymt file from C.E.R.R.

I also warmly welcome any creator to make their mods compatible with C.E.R.R!

Have fun!