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It's time to take a vacation! *NEW UPDATE* 4 new unique activities! Explore Guarma by land sea and air! Go to the docks in Saint Denis to start your adventure.

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Trelawny's Travel will whisk you away to a tropical Island where you can unwind to the fullest.
Explore Guarma by land sea and air! Go to the docks in Saint Denis to start your adventure.

"You know Arthur, you could have just turned around and gone to my resort!" - Josiah Trelawny -


*Panther Hunting*
*Swim With Sea Turtles*
*Take Out O'Driscolls*
*Clear Zombies* (if you're not running UNII, the Zombies will run away)


*Getting there is free, but the toys will cost you*
*Rent horses, wagons, boats and even a wind controlled hot air balloon. You also get to control the wind and sunny weather*
*Includes all the amenities you need, including fresh water, beds and campfires*
*Use 'Camp Anywhere' to fill out your camp if you're expecting visitors, or just chill and enjoy the peace and quiet*
*Hike To Camp feature allows you to quickly explore the local town, or you can get there by land, air or sea*
*The Steam Boat behaves more like a surf board and can't handle heavy swell. Great for catching a wave*
*Take the big Keel Boat or the Row Boat into deeper waters*
*Take the Buggy off-roading through the Bizzaro Mountains all the way to town. Just be careful when crossing the seams in the map*
*'Campfire Weapons Locker', 'Camp Anywhere', 'Unlimited Swim', 'Disable Snipers' and 'Bodyguard Spawner' are highly recommended*
*The Island of Guarma is actually about the same size as the entire story map, so plan your trips accordingly*
*Saving at the resort will make you load in Lemoyne, but you can save at the town to spawn at camp*
*The Balloon will disappear if you are too far, sleep or fast travel*
*Don't fly too high or you will get stuck to the ceiling*


*Balloon Controls* (controller input)*

- Get in with Y
- Deactivate control with Y (you will drop straight down) (you will get knocked down if you are going too fast, possibly fall out)
- Get out with X (after you deactivate control and reach the ground) (not compatible with 'Stash That Wagon')
- RT for more height

*Wind Controls* (keyboard input) (only works once you rent the balloon)*

NUM8 = N
NUM6 = E
NUM2 = S
NUM4 = W
NUM5 = More wind/clear skies

*Use antimicro.exe to map keys to your gamepad (*


*Fast travel fix*
*File name fix*