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Rent a Hot Air Balloon for just $5! Three locations! Uses the unaltered balloon with wind drag enabled. Realistic flight physics are in play as you pilot the balloon while controlling the wind speed and direction

Permissions and credits
Rent a hot air balloon at the Valentine Theatre Tent, Saint Denis Docks or Blackwater Build Site.

- Costs $5
- HOLD Y key while close to activate
- The Balloon will disappear if you are too far, sleep or fast travel
- The wind will move the balloon while airborne

*Balloon Controls* (controller input)

- Get in with Y
- Deactivate control with Y (you will drop straight down) (you will get knocked down if you are going too fast, possibly fall out)
- Get out with X (after you deactivate control and reach the ground) (not compatible with 'Stash That Wagon')
- RT for more height
- Momentum, gravity and wind are factors for a realistic ballooning experience

*Wind Controls* (keyboard input) (only works once you rent the balloon)

NUM8 = N
NUM6 = E
NUM2 = S
NUM4 = W
NUM5 = More wind/clear skies

*Use antimicro.exe to map keys to your gamepad. See pic. This will make the trees dance when you move around and you'll have to use the mouse when using your map. I don't use it personally. Thinking about a left handed keyboard or a USB NUM pad. (*


1 - Kill something while airborne
2 - Jump out while airborne and live
3 - Land on a rooftop
4 - Land on a moving ship
5 - Break 3 support ropes
6 - Pilot through a glacier crack
7 - Fly to Guarma (turn off autosave)
8 - Kill an animal while using wind control to hide your scent
9 - Kill something with a fire bottle while airborne
10 - Stay 1m above ground for 500 distance without crashing at full speed