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The dead have risen, a number of settlements have fallen, and some still stand a chance - it's up to you to either lend a hand, or let them perish.

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A plague has struck New Austin, causing the dead to rise from their graves and wreak havoc among the already savaged lands.  Some have lost hope, worrying that the spread is too quick to stop; while others will not go down without a fight.


Explore the undead world as Undead John Marston, complete with RDR1 accurate animations, textures, and undead sound effects
By KristianD3 and myself

The locals have set fire to the towns in attempt to kill the undead, some have taken to higher ground to protect their families, while others were left to perish in the streets.  Local shop owners either fled or boarded themselves inside, to fend off against looters, who have stashed away supplies throughout the town.  The law has bigger problems to worry about.  New Austin has been struck the hardest, small numbers of the dead still roam the five states but the law has it mostly under control..... for now.


Some settlements have been overrun, causing the dead to roam out into the wilderness in a desperate search food, feeding off the weary travelers of the west, and the small time ranchers who will die to protect their land.

As the moon turns blood red, and fog settles across the western countryside, some have concluded that this is no ordinary plague at all; but the works of a higher power.

No more happy farmer tunes, new ambience awaits in a hand-picked custom soundtrack to compliment the new world - the world of the undead.

1. Install the latest versions of Lenny's Mod Loader and Project New Austin: 1907
2. Go to Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/1907 and delete the "DELETE FOR UNII" folder
3. Drag the "lml" and "NA" folders from this mod into your main directory

- Project New Austin is required for all the zombies, peds, and locations to spawn in properly
- For Classic Color Scheme users: Uninstall while UNII is active, all weather effects from Classic Color Scheme are already integrated into this mod.  Leaving it installed may break the UNII weather effects.
- Not compatible with Ambient Gang/Classic Characters, merges coming soon.


Undead John Marston by KristianD3

RDR2 Enhanced Edition by Bolmin70
Dark Nights by Alsharad
Disable Enemy Radar by alfabravozapa
Red Dead Offline by LMS, Bolmin, and Bob Ross:

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