Red Dead Redemption 2

About this mod

Brings back those classic RDR1 locations and New Austin color scheme. Full list of changes in the description

Permissions and credits

Bolmin70 for his ped loader and bank interior script
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VideoTech for helping with the Armadillo YMAPS, and for allowing me to use a couple ARP files
SgtJoe for disabling the Cholera random events
AClassySliceOfToast for his Hennigan's Stead Camp and Manzanita Post Station
Blackjack Colver Voltaire for adding law to Armadillo

Brings back those classic RDR1 locations and adds new life to those already in the game, making a more believable 1907 version of the map. Also includes that gritty, spaghetti western New Austin color scheme from the first game. All locations are complete with peds, increased rider density, and RDR1 accurate layouts with as much detail as possible.

Removes the dark orange tint in New Austin and adds a few changes to the weather cycle

Note: The color scheme is tied to the weather effects (High pressure, Clouds, and Sleet).  When fast traveling to New Austin or riding in on foot the weather will change seamlessly.  Teleporting to New Austin with a trainer usually won't give the weather enough time to change. Ex. Teleporting from Ambarino to San Denis and it continues to snow.

Each new location has RDR1 accurate props/layouts, made from scratch using RDR2 assets only.
(Some photos were taken in older versions, a lot has been changed/added since then. See the full album here)

Drag both the "lml" folders and the "NA" folder into your main directory

Bank Robberies by SgtJoe
AMJM Transport by Crossed99
Banking: The Old American Art by Bolmin70

Stagecoach Robberies by Shtivi