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A highly configurable randomizer for Prey 2017 that lets you "Prey your way". Craft a fresh new experience, give yourself an arsenal of new exotic weapons, relive Talos I in its better days, or just make the game wacky as hell. Currently in pre-release form.

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Prey 2017 Randomizer

An highly configurable randomizer for Prey 2017. "Prey your way" and choose how items, props, enemies, neuromods, Talos I, and much more are configured. Currently in pre-release form.

This randomizer uses a separate executable installer that overwrites the game level files (keeping a backup in the same directory) and generates a patch_randomizer.pak in GameSDK/Precache. Level files are backed up as "level_backup.pak" in their respective directories.

We now have a Discord server! Feel free to join to discuss the randomizer and/or provide feedback/suggestions.


Customize your experience with any combination of the following:

  • Item/prop spawns + loot tables
  • Enemy/NPC spawns
  • Neuromod upgrade tree
  • Station connectivity
  • Human appearance
  • Voice lines
  • Music
  • Player model
  • Fabrication plan costs
  • Earth/moon/sun size
  • (new in 0.4) Operator dispensers
  • (new in 0.4) Recyclers/fabricators
  • (new in 0.4) Repairable objects (50/50 chance of requiring repair to use)
  • (new in 0.4) Hackable objects (50/50 chance of requiring hack to use)


Enhance your game with some of these additional optional features:

  • Add every weapon, fab plan, chipset, etc to Morgan's apartment
  • Unlock various doors throughout the station to make progress easier
  • Remove scan requirements for all typhon neuromods
  • Start on second day (Now new and improved, thanks to JerryTerry letting me use their "Natural Day 2 Start" mod!)
  • More guns - Adds guns with randomized projectiles to the item spawn pool.
  • G.O.T.S. (Get Off The Station) mode - The station's self destruct will start as soon as you wake up in the Neuromod Division. Can you escape before time runs out?
  • Gravity toggles - enable 0G everywhere, or 1G in the Exterior+GUTS. Not intended for serious playthroughs.
  • (new in 0.4) Living Talos mode - Changes all typhon to humans and makes all humans wander around the station. Human corpses are resurrected as well. Most of the station is unlocked.
  • (new in 0.4) Prey Souls guns - Adds 16 guns from the Prey Souls mod. Note: Some changes were made to the guns during porting, such as lack of custom skins, and 5 guns have not been ported (psi cutter, laser rifle, gauss rifle, quantum shotgun).
  • (new in 0.4) Prey Souls turrets - Adds 3 turrets from the Prey Souls mod. Friendly robot randomization must be enabled for these to spawn in place of existing turrets.


Randomized runs will only work on a new game. There is also a known game crashing bug where the game does not cleanly delete old save files if you start a new save over an existing slot. To guarantee that this won't happen, manually delete any save progress first before starting a new randomized game in an existing slot. See "Install instructions" on how to do this.

For people playing on the or Epic Games version: If the directory Prey/GameSDK/Precache does not exist, you'll need to create it manually before running the randomizer installer. Otherwise, you may get a "Prey install directory not valid" error.

Quick install instructions:

  1. Unzip anywhere.
  2. Run danielle_randomizer.exe to start the installer GUI.
  3. Specify Prey install directory and your desired settings.
  4. Start a new randomized game!

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Configuring your own item/NPC spawn presets


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A big thanks to:

* Coyote for letting me use his content from Prey Souls!
* JerryTerry for allowing the use of their "Natural Day 2 Start" mod!
* Fellow Prey modders such as Rosodude, jmx777, and coyote, who have helped me understand more about the file structure
* The brave adventrous souls who have helped me playtest and debug
* The Prey reddit and discord communities for being pretty swell and listening to my terrible ideas
* Arkane Studios for being cool folks who make cool games =]