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Significant additions, changes, and tweaks to the Classes, Subclasses, and Passive abilities.

Permissions and credits
The goal of this Project is to provide more character options, ability choices, and meaningful depth during character creation and progression. In order to accomplish this goal, numerous additions, changes, and tweaks to Classes, Subclasses, and abilities have been implemented.

With more time and energy, I have begun working on a 2.0 rebuild of this mod. You can give your input, know more about the changes, or follow my progress at https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108837-the-class-project-20/

Incorporated Mods
Because of the nature of modding class progress tables, many of the class and subclass mods on the Nexus are not compatible with each other. With their permissions, the following mods have been incorporated into The Class Project.

Extended Spell Collection v2.0 by SiliconMage
New Wizard Subclasses v1.2.1 by SiliconMage
More Priest Subclasses v2.01 by NocturnalTrance
More Paladin Subclasses v3.0 by NocturnalTrance
Channeler Ciper Subclass v1.2.3 by GravitonGamer
Rogue Tweaks and Subclasses by Armakoir
Ranger Tweaks and Subclasses by Armakoir
Portions of POE2 Deadfire Tweaks by Checoden/Caelum

New Subclasses
Hidden vanilla subclasses (reserved for Companions) have been unlocked for character creation.

The following is a growing list of subclasses that have been introduced by the mods linked above and myself.
Cipher: Channeler
Paladin: Luna Mystic, Sol MysticUmbral Mystic
Priest: AbydonHyleaOndra
Ranger: GuardianDusk Stalker
Rogue: SaboteurAcrobatSwiftblade
Wizard: MartialistDemolitionistSpellslingerHexer

Prestige "Classes" and Feats
Prestige Classes and Feats are unique abilities for characters that become available when certain conditions are met. The first of (hopefully) many Prestige Classes is:
Dwarven Defender

Class Rebuilds
I have included my new rebuilds of the Barbarian and Fighter progression tables, pictures of which are included in the images above. Both classes need more ability options and this is the impetus behind these initial changes.

For the Fighter, I have broken the vanilla fighting stances into separately trained stances with upgrade chains. From a design perspective, I am trying to make the Fighter into a self-buffing adventurer with single-target weapon based attack abilities. The Fighter should be the best at hold his or her own against a single tough enemy.

For the Barbarian, I have broken the frenzy mini-tree into separately trained frenzies with upgrade chains. From a design perspective, I'm trying to make the Barbarian into the most efficient melee AOE class type with tankability during frenzies.

Passives Rebuilt
A select number of generic passives are now locked behind a character's Background selection. A Background now provides the character with 2 automatically granted passives at power level 5. I have also expanded the number of generic passives from to roughly 80 (up from ~50) and plan to create more. The number of available Backgrounds has also been expanded and each Culture may now choose from one of 17 Backgrounds (the maximum allowed by the UI).

Because Class selection occurs before Culture and Background selection, I have implemented a "cyclopedia" at the beginning of the character creation process that will allow you to preview the abilities associated with your character choices.

Compared to the previous versions of this mod, the passives are far less background intensive.

Weapon Proficiencies Rebuilt (new as of v1.1)
The system of weapon proficiencies has been rebuilt and expanded, and includes the following features:
  • Unproficient weapons now suffer an accuracy penalty.
  • Each weapon type now has three available modal abilities (the vanilla modal has been "deleted")
  • These modal abilities require training and become available after selecting a weapon proficiency.
  • Modal abilities occupy 1 of 3 groups: Primary, Secondary, Ranged
  • Only a single proficiency within a single group may be active at a time
  • You now have the option to select "No Proficiency" during character progression

Highlight: "Pistol Whip" for Pistol and Arquebus. 

Notes: Only newly created characters will suffer the Unproficient accuracy penalty. For existing characters, the new modal abilities will become visible during the next level up.

WIP: I am working on new icons and descriptions for each modal ability that will help relay info in the UI.

Further Development and Support
If you find something that might be a bug, please post a comment. If you notice gross imbalances, please post a comment. If you have overall suggestions, please post a comment.

These are the bigger items on my To-Do list:
  • Revisit my Passives rebuild. Right now, access to passives is too heavily focues around backgrounds, and that's not ultimately what I'm going fo.
  • Add some new subclasses and prestige classes, as inspiration provides.
  • Rebuild Monk and Paladin. These two classes are not in bad shape, but I would still like to give them more options in line with my design changes.
  • Companion progression tables. These changes work with companions, but there are some issues regarding the assigned abilities that need to be addressed.
  • Continued UI improved via icons and descriptions and the overall display of information.The UI is actually the biggest limiting factor with this mod.

The Class Project modifies ALL of the vanilla class progression table entries (the game will only load and recognize a single progression table) and numerous vanilla abilities.
This mod will, therefore, conflict with any mod that changes select abilities and/or progression tables. Progression table conflicts will have more negative impact, so The Class Project should be loaded after other such mods (if those mods must be installed).

Extract the "The Class Project" folder into the "PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override" folder.