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This mod adds three new priest subclasses to the game. The priest of Abydon, Hylea and Ondra. All come with unique abilities, progression tables and playstyle.

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This mod adds three new priest subclasses to the game. The priest of Abydon, Hylea and Ondra. All come with unique abilities, progression tables and playstyle.

The Priest of Hylea Custom Subclass:
The Priest of Hylea is a fast and chaotic caster, hurling foes with gusts of wind and causing destruction with the turbulent dissonance in their songs and poetry. 

Description: Hylea is the goddess of songs, arts, language and maternity. She is the matron of sky creatures and her sphere of influence includes the sky and the wind element. Her followers are made up of poets, artists and bards. Her temples are located in mountain tops are built without roofs in order for her followers to be closer to her domain. Her priests celebrate life and live theirs to the fullest.
(Favored Dispositions: Benevolent and Passionate, Disfavored Dispositions: Cruel and Agressive) 

The priest gains spells that correspond to Hylea when they reach a new power level.
  1. Winter Wind
  2. Summon Hylean familiars: Summon Birds from Hylea's domain. They provide a perception and power level bonus. Quite Fragile but fast. Spiritual Weapon: Summons The Harp of Hylea, a war bow that scales, has the "quickness" effect and has a chance to knock enemies prone with the power of wind.
  3. Deleterious Alacrity of Motion
  4. Hylean Squall: Extends the weapon and creates a small tornado that damages and slows enemies
  5. Cleansing Wind
  6. Resounding Discord: summons a tornado that bounces around enemies, So Singt Biting Winds o'Eld Nary
  7. Shockwave: creates a sonic shockwave that damages and knocks down enemies
  8. Wilting Wind
  9. Tornado, Incarnate: Summons a greater Storm Blight and a number of Hylean Familiars.

The Priest of Abydon Custom Subclass:
The Priest of Abydon focuses on defense and uses a variety of transmutation and earth like abilities.

Description: God of golems, machines, industry, strength, hope, and aspiration. Favored most commonly upon the laboring class. "The Golem" is thought to have once been able to take a human-resembling form as most of the other gods are, but then been somehow killed, only to forge himself back into existence inside the shell of an immense golem. Various accounts of his death exist, and none is considered definitive.

(Favored dispositions: honest and stoic, disfavored dispositions: deceptive and clever)

The priest gains spells that correspond to Abydon when they reach a new power level.Spells and Abilities gained:
  1. Flames of the White Forge: Adds burn damage to attack, identical to Flames of Devotion skill, but with white flames fx
  2. Blade of the White Forge: Summons a white simmering blade made of Durgan steel. Scales similarly to spiritual weapon and has the effect "Quickness", which reduces recovery time of attacks. (similar to the "Last Blade of the White Forge" from POEI)
  3. Twin stones: the hammer of Abydon could send shockwaves across the earth
  4. Ironskin: known as the god of constructs, Abydon rebuilt himself into a being made of metal
  5. Calling the World's Maw
  6. Embrace the Earth's Tallon
  7. Rusted Armor: Corrode poorly forged armor
  8. Unbreakable: Rebuild yourself as Abydon once did (Passive)
  9. Artifacts of the Pargrunen: Fabricate weapons and a breastplate out of thin air (similar to "Citzal's Enchanted Armory"), Incarnate/ Weapons of the white forge: Expend a substatial amount of energy to summon many weapons of the Pargrunen, applies similar debuff to incarnate (-5 power levels for ~30secs), spell is similar to "They Did Sing a Song of Carnage, Fair

The Priest of Ondra Custom Subclass:
The Priest of Ondra is a a balanced caster, summoner and fighter. The priest specializes in buffs, healing effects and volatile watershaping. 

Description: Goddess of Oceans, forgotten things, loss, relentlessness, and mourning. Said to have once fallen in love with the moon, and to have tried to draw it near, with catastrophic consequences. People bring tokens to her temples of things they wish to forget, and her clergy sees the tokens cast into the sea. Her priests draw upon the lost memories of the Salt Well and the monastic practices of the Abbey of the Fallen Moon monks.

 (Favored Dispositions: Passionate and Aggressive, Disfavored Dispositions: Stoic and Diplomatic)

 The priest gains spells that correspond to Hylea when they reach a new power level.
  1. Ondra's Whip
  2. Moon's Light, Spiritual Weapon: Fists of the Low Tide Monks, they add freeze damage, scale, and can cause destructive water crush Aoe when causing a critical hit.
  3. Fragment of Ionni Brathr: Lesser Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar
  4. Overwhelming Wave
  5. Ocean Burst
  6. Cleansing Waters: heal Aoe, grants Strong Inspiration to allies
  7. Memories of the High Tide Monks: summons two Ice Clones
  8. Memories of Sen Beläfa: Symbol of Ondra, Adds to defences and suppresses afflictions for an extended amount of time
  9. Memories of the Tidebringer: Minor avatar that adds bonuses and lightning dmg to melee strikes, Memories of the White Crest Knight: Summons the legendary armor from PoEI and the Forgotten Tear of the Beloved, adds abilities that are associated with these weapons, can be cast once per encounter

Italian Translation creditted to the wonderful kilay.
(Check out kilay's mods here: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/users/26711484?tab=user+files)
If you intend to use the Italian localization, use this necessary mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/55

French Translation creditted to the wonderful PrincessUnicorn
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