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This makes 'less is more' tweaks the the base Ranger and existing subclasses, and adds new subclasses.

Permissions and credits
This mod is now contained (with further modifications) within The Class Project.
I will no longer be maintaining this Ranger mod and permissions have been changed for open usage.

The overall purpose of this mod is to make Rangers a worthwhile class to pick while giving them other gameplay options. I have tried for the "less is more" approach in terms of changes, and I feel like balance and hard choices are an important part of gaming enjoyment.

You may now choose to have No Companion. This decision is permanent once you've created the character and will hide some abilities and passives associated with having a companion.

Animal Companions are automatically granted most Ranger attack abilities. These include: Marked Prey, Wounding Shot, Concussive Shot, and Takedown (including upgrades). Also, the Ranger can now execute Takedown instead of just the animal companion.

I added a Ranger version of the Rogue's Coordinated Positioning that has a longer range but cannot target hostiles. Upon upgrading this ability, the animal companion gains this ability.

Most attack abilities are now Full Attack instead of just Primary Attack.

Powerlevel requirements have been adjusted. For the most part I have not adjusted Bond costs.

The Ranger's healing ability can now target all allies, not just the animal companion.

The Bird Companion is available to all Rangers (including the Ghost Heart). Special thanks to Kilay and his Bird Companion mod.

Ghost Heart
Currently unchanged, but gains access to Bird companion.

Currently unchanged, may not select No Companion.

Currently unchanged.

Guardian (new subclass)
Bonus- Automatically granted Druid spells at each power level.
Penalty- Gains the Encumbrance passive (slower recovery when wearing medium armor, heavy armor, or shields)

Dusk Stalker (new subclass)
Bonus- Summons a shadowed copy of the Ranger as an "animal" companion (Hint: when summoned, the Shadow is equipped with the Ranger's equipment). Summoning grants the Ranger invisibility. Also granted access to the Rogue Backstab passive.
Penalty- The Ranger must be stealthed or invisible in combat to activate any hostile ability. The hostile abilities of the Ranger's Shadow function normally.

Include the Warden subclass that specializes in manipulating the terrain (via ground effects) of the battlefield while also being immune to those effects.
Implement my Rogue-Spectre idea as a Ranger. See Dusk Stalker
Increase subclass diversity.
Tweak and balance where necessary.

Place the "Ranger Tweaks and Subclasses" folder into your \PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override\ folder.

To uninstall, simply delete this folder from your override. However, this may break characters using the vanilla subclasses, and may cause bigger
problems if you are using the new subclasses within a given saved game.