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Mod allows to change class or specialization of your heroes in the Pathfinder Kingmaker.

Permissions and credits
Required minimum game version 2.1.0

Respec allows you to reset level, class, skills, feats, abilities, traits, stats, race, gender, portrait. 
After respec level of your hero or companions changes to 0. Equipment, experience and alignment will be saved. 
Mercenaries work as if you hire them again. Аfter respec the previous merc will be dismissed and newer will appear on base.

The mod has two reset modes
Light mode
  • Can be dropped class, stats and abilities.
Full mode
  • Additionally can be reset portrait, appearance, race, gender (MC), alignment, voice (MC) and name (MC).
  • After changing gender if your character is not displayed correctly you need to go to the main menu and load a new save game.
  • The appearance will reset to default. After respec will appear "Reset doll" button which can return the appearance to original.
  • To customize the appearance can use mod Visual Adjustments

Respec does not work on the global map. You can only respec one character at a time.

Known bugs
  • Some class feats cannot be reset. Use "Abilities" tool to manually remove them. For some abilities, to see the changes, need to load a save.
  • Harrim's Groetus deity cannot be re-selected.
  • Conflict with BagOfTricks, adds excessive extra points. Solution.
  • Wrong portrait of Regongar. Solution.
  • Sometimes companion animals do not appear.

  • Run the game. Wait for main menu and load your save. Before respecing I recommend to manually save your game
  • Click on any characters in mod options. The operation costs 1000 gold.
  • You will see the character creation screen. Choose what you want. Do not change the mode and characters until you complete.
  • After character creation your hero looks don't change until you load a new save.
  • After respeсing, you should make the new save and reload it.

How to Install
  • Download and install Unity Mod Manager
  • Download the mod
  • Extract the archive and put the mod folder into 'Mods' folder (e.g. "\Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Mods" or your GOG path).
  • Run the game.
  • Press ctrl+f10