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This is a mod for Pathfinder:Kingmaker that adds favored class mechanics.

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This is a mod for Pathfinder:Kingmaker that adds favored class mechanics and traits.
It is not compatible with Eldritch Arcana mod.
It adds the following options for favored class bonuses:

  • +1 HP/level
  • +1 skill point/2 levels
  • +1 round of rage/bloodrage/bard or skald performance/level for certain races
  • +1 bomb use per day/2 levels for gnome or hobgoblin alchemist,
  • +1 combat feat/rogue, slayer or wild talent/witch or shaman hex/magus arcana/arcane exploit/teamwork feat/6 levels for certain races
  • +1 monk ki pool/magus arcane pool/panache/charmed life uses/4 levels for certain races
  • +1 known spell of highest level-1/2 levels for alchemist/bard/inquisitor/sorceror/wizard/witch/skald/arcanist/oracle/investigator for certain races
  • +1 known cleric spell of highes level-1/2 levels for half-elf, human or half-orc shaman
  • +1 known oracle/wizard spell of enchantment school of highest level-1/2 levels for ganzi oracles
  • +1 known sorcerer spell with fire descriptor of highest level-1/2 levels for goblin sorcerers
  • +1 luck bonus on saving throws/4 levels for animal companion of halfling druid or hunter
  • +1 DR/magic /2 levels for animal companion of gnome or fetchling ranger or hunter
  • +1 to natural AC in wildshape/3 levels for elf or half-orc druid
  • +1 bonus to lay on hands healing/damage/2 levels for elf, halfling and gnome paladins
  • +1 bonus to lay on hands self healing/level for tiefling paladins
  • +1 bonus to channel energy healing or damage/3 levels for half-elf clerics and warpriests
  • +1 bonus to channel energy damage for purpose of harming undead/2 levels for aasimar clerics
  • +1 to damage of fire spells/2 levels for half orcs sorcerors or magi
  • +1 to damage of earth and acid spells/2 levels for dwarf sorcerers
  • +1 to damage of negative energy spells/2 levels for hobgoblin or fetchling clerics or dhampir oracles
  • +1 to earth elemental blasts damage/3 levels for dwarf kineticists
  • +1 to elemental blasts damage/4 levels for half-elf and elf kineticists
  • +1 to base speed/level for elf barbarians, bloodragers and monks
  • +1 to natural AC when using mutagen/4 levels for dwarf alchemists
  • +1 to number of internal buffer uses/6 levels for halfling kineticists
  • +1 to maximum number of arcane reservoir points/level for elf or half-elf arcanists
  • +1 to aracane reservoir point restored after rest/6 levels for gnome arcanists
  • +1 to investigator inspiration pool/3 levels for for elf, ganzi or half-elf investigators
  • +1 to Eidolon evolution pool/6 levels for half-elf summoners
  • +1 DR/evil /2 levels for eidolon of aasimar summoner
  • +1 bonus to natural AC of eidolon/4 levels for dwarf summoners,
  • +1 energy resistance to specific energy type/level for certain classes and races,
  • +1 caster level for necromancy school spells/4 levels for dhampir wizards
  • +1 judgment use per day/6 levels for duergar inquisitors
  • +1 disarm cmb bonus/3 levels for drow fighters,
  • +1 trip and grapple cmb bonus/4 levels for hobgoblin monks,
  • +1 to dodge bonus against favored enemies/4 levels for halfling rangers,
  • +1 to dodge bonus against studied targets/4 levels for halfling and fetchling slayers,
  • +1 to attack bonus against one favored enemy/4 levels for hobgoblin rangers.

Additional Features:
- Deity for every class (optional)
- Traits (optional)

It also add following feats:
  • Favored Prestige Class (due to technical reasons should always be taken before taking first level in corresponding prestige class)
  • Additional Traits (if traits are enabled)
  • Prestigious Spellcaster (again due to technical reasons can be taken only after you select a spellbook to advance with corresponding prestige class, also it will not work if it is taken for spontaneous caster advancing prestige class and you get to select new spells known from some other spontaneous casting class, i.e. if you have eldritch knight advancing sorceror spellcasting, you can not take the feat during a level up for let's say inquisitor class)
It requires at least Call of the Wild 1.102.

This mod supposed to work with all classes that were introduced by other mods as long as it is loaded the last (should be by default).

Source code at github

For other modders: you can easily add favored class bonuses for your races/classes by providing a simple description file and placing it in
/ZFavoredClass/Custom/, (there is already an example), you will need to specify:
  • guid of the feature corresponding to the favored class bonus (ensure that it has enough ranks, do not use existing features, but rather
  • create a copy of them, since blueprint will be altered)
  • how many levels are needed to acquire the feature
  • guid of the feature giving partial bonus (if there is any, otherwise leave it empty)
  • guids of the classes (due to guid generation process, if you want to use same bonus for different classes/races, you will need to supply full and
  • partial features with different guids for each case)
  • guids of races providing this favored class bonus

  • Download and install Unity Mod Manager 0.13.0 or later
  • Download the mod
  • Build it using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition or use prebuilt binaries from latest Releases (just drop archive into UMM GUI)
  • Run the game