Pathfinder: Kingmaker
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A simple guide to make Valerie's portrait update automatically once an event during the game changes it.

Note that this will change her portrait in all saved games and not just your current run through. But I have included backups of her original portrait as well.

Extract the portrait files from "Better Looking Valerie.rar"
There's two files named "resource_9f9218afe643a6c49bee6bba686f7e64" and "resource_a975603a519ccd449a2ee87202820277"

Copy those two files and paste them in folder: (wherever your game is instaleld)\Kingmaker_Data\StreamingAssets\Bundles\

Overwright the existing files.


To return to the original Valerie portraits, do the same steps but with the files found in "Vanilla_Backups_v2.0.7b"

Special thanks to DarthParametric on figuring this out :)

NOTE: If you've already changed Valerie's portrait through Respecialization or Visual Adjustments you will have to reset it to original through one of those mods.