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When crafting of manual alchemy or cooking recipes fails, the Ingredients are not consumed

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When you're using the manual recipe option in Alchemy or Cooking crafting and the recipe fails, then the Ingredients are not consumed.

There is a configuration file, where you can enable or disable this behavior for cooking and alchemy separately.

This mod is intended for the single player experience only and might cause issues when used in Split Screen or Multiplayer.

A Matter of Preference

Obviously, this mod can be considered cheating and is not how the authors of the game intended the crafting to work.

Also, when you play the game for some time, you probably have vast quantities of ingredients to experiment with.

On the other hand, do you really want to risk losing your rare ingredients in some failed crafting attempts?

For me, losing the ingredients felt highly discouraging to the point where I wouldn't experiment at all anymore.

The experimenting itself is a fun mechanic, so I didn't want to miss out on that either. Therefore, I'm going to use this mod.

In the end, the player has to decide whether to use this mod or not.

- Shared Mod Config Menu

BepInEx mod. Extract to Outward game directory. 

Version History:

Version 1.5:
Updated for latest game version as of November 2021. Configuration is now done through BepInEx Configuration (F1 Key)

Version 1.4:
Add Shared Mod Config to configure options. Now requires Shared Mod Config Menu.

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