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* Adds apple and orange trees around Cyrodiil. These trees are fully Havok'ed so that if you knock the fruit out of the trees with your sword, or shoot them with a bow, they'll react realistically. A fun thing to do is try shooting an apple out of the tree in such a way that it knocks other ones out on its way down. You can see how many you can knock out of a tree with one shot.
* Makes all the logs in-game, harvestable. When activated, the shelf mushrooms along the side of the log will disappear and random amount of different shelf mushrooms will be added to your inventory. There is also and random chance of finding some gold in the log and a random chance that either a little fawn or a rat will pop out.
* Makes all the flower bouquet planters in the game, harvestable. Also, you can take the planters home and re-harvest them every three days. The new ingredient from the planters is: Flower Bouquet. Note: Harvesting stolen planters makes them no longer stolen.
* Allows you to pick up a Nirnroot planter, take it home, and harvest it every three days. Note: Harvesting stolen planters makes them no longer stolen.
* Creates a new ingedient: Hay Bundle. Makes all hay bails and even hay targets harvestable with this new ingredient. Also, many more hay bails were added throughout Cyrodiil. You can find them in all stables and most farms.
* Makes horses in the game "feedable" with the new Hay Bundle ingredient and heals them if they are injured. When you activate a horse, if you have any Hay Bundles in your inventory, you'll be prompted if you want to mount the horse, or feed it. You can feed other people's horses without penalty. Also, you need to feed Shadowmere meat, not hay.
* Adds Dog Meat and Horse Meat to dog's and horse's inventories, respectively.