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An add-on to Qarl's Harvest that adds 60+ harvestable and seasonal fruit trees and bushes to locations throughout Cyrodiil.

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More Harvestable Fruits v1.2 (Better Cities 6+ compatible)
Author: tegeus-Cromis
8 August 2015


** Now compatible with both Better Cities 5.5.3 and 6 **

This is an add-on to the classic Qarl's Harvest and requires that it be installed for this mod to work. (Sadly, Qarl is no longer with us; besides Harvest, he will perhaps be most remembered in Oblivion circles for his Texture Pack, possibly the most popular of its ilk.) It also, as of version 1.1, requires OBSE 13+.

This is a bit of a portmanteau mod. It just started as a simple expansion of the range of harvestable trees in Cyrodiil. Qarl's original included mostly apple trees and some orange trees; this adds 60+ harvestable trees, mostly pears, but now including cherries, apricots, peaches, damsons, olives, almonds and pomegranates as of v1.1.4. In addition, a number of raspberry plants, using Qarl's methodology, have been placed around various farms.

But it also seems to have acquired several new facets. Firstly, I have now made all the additions, including Qarl's originals, seasonal in one way or another. This compensates, to some degree, for the upsurge in ingredients, but, I hope, may increasingly give a more changeable feel to the landscape - leading to a rather bleak midwinter. (I may consider removing the foliage in the really off months, maybe later.)

Except for vanilla ingredients (apples, oranges and pears), new ingredients are added to a bunch of vanilla levelled lists, including vendors, when in season, and removed when not.

Ingredient harvestability (our months):

Almonds: Aug - Oct (inc. levelled lists)
Apples: Mar - Dec
Apricots: Jul - Sep (inc. levelled lists)
Cherries: Jun - Sep (inc. levelled lists)
Damsons: May - Oct (inc. levelled lists)
Olives: Aug - Dec (inc. levelled lists)
Oranges: Jun - Sep
Pears: Apr - Jan
Peaches: May - Sep (inc. levelled lists)
Pomegranates: Sep-Feb (inc. levelled lists)
Raspberries: Jul - Nov (inc. levelled lists)

Since the game starts in late August, nothing - including upcoming ingredients - will go out of season at the end of that month, though some may do so before it. But I expect to be pretty harsh to February, I've never got the hang of Februaries myself.

In addition to this, I have also used these trees, including some copies of Qarl's original apples, to enhance the Wayshrines of the Nine (which, let's face it, are pretty boring). I've dedicated each species (except for Qarls' oranges, which Nocturnal seems to have dibs on) to different Aedra, and placed trees at their shrines and close to their chapels. The new ingredient effects are therefore restorative and tend to affect the attributes governed by each of the Nine. Vanilla ingredient effects remain unchanged, of course.

The associations are:

Akatosh - apples
Arkay - damsons
Dibella - cherries
Julianos - apricots
Kynareth - pomegranates
Mara - peaches
Stendarr - almonds
Talos - pears
Zenithar - olives

I have also placed a lot of pear trees in some obvious vanilla locations that were lacking Qarl's original fruit trees, but most, you may find, are in some odd spots. This is because I have taken this opportunity to show recognition of some other well-known modders' work by placing trees close to some of the settlements that they have created. Of course this will not be apparent if you do not have their mods installed, but I hope you will still find the trees a useful adornment to the countryside anyway. Some of the mods involved are mentioned in the compatibility section.

Oh, and finally, this also serves as an ad hoc Better Cities and Unique Landscapes patch for several of the Qarl's Harvest trees, see Compatibility section...


Qarl's Harvest, both the .esm and the .esp. (If you are short on esp slots, all too common these days, I expect you can successfully merge my mod into his using Tes4Gecko, though I haven't tried it yet. If you do, I would suggest retaining the name Qarls_Harvest.esp, partly out of respect, but also because it will help BOSS - if you use it that is - sort out your load order.)

OBSE, any version. In fact, you will need better than OBSE v13 to take advantage of the levelled list feature, but the mod will simply turn this off if you have an earlier version.

As of November 2017, I have suggested you install EngineBugFixes to clear the 'missing landscape' problem. The mod will run without this, but it is highly recommended.


I recommend using BAIN, for which this archive is suitable. If you choose to do it manually, though, simply unpack all the files in the archive to your game data folder. Load order should not be very critical, but probably best to place this early. (If you are using BOSS, you could just check Qarl's esp positioning and put my esp just after his.)


I think it might be a good idea to make a clean save before updating.


Obvious with BAIN. But again, if you are doing this manually, simply delete from \Data the files:

\Docs\MoreHarvestableFruits v1.2 - Readme.txt

and folders:



Well, if you go and plonk 60+ trees all over the shop, you are inevitably going to end up with clashes somewhere or another. However, this is explicitly designed to work with some of the more popular settlement mods, and in fact to complement (and compliment) them. Among those are: several of Shezrie's Towns and Arthmoor's settlements; AFK_Weye; Region Revive Lake Rumare; Brina Cross Village; MTC Expanded Villages; and Bartholm. I have, I hope, taken good care not to crowd those fine mods, especially with respect to path grids. So I hope we have positive compatibility there.

The mod was tested with Better Cities 5.5.3 and 6.0 and aside from ensuring that the new trees are compatible, I've fixed some of the originals:

Cheydinhal BBC: Tree moved from middle of riverside path
Chorrol BBC: Half-buried tree moved to outside Grey Mare.
Skingrad BBC: Placed lost tree (buried in houses) by well.
Anvil BBC 6.0+: Relocated apple tree by main gate

...and also checked against Unique Landscapes (compilation 172), where two of the originals needed patching:

Dark Forest UL: Fixed floating tree near Hircine's Shrine.
Chorrol Hinterland UL: Moved tree by stables crowded by UL tree.

These changes also work with vanilla. Additionally, the original city trees, like those I've added, now also work with Open Better Cities.

(I expect to publish the above patches separately, when I'm quite sure I've got everything.)

Anyway, please report any other issues you find, and I'll fix them if at all possible.

Oh, and this mod has been fully cleaned, automatically and manually, with Tes4Edit.

Other known issues

I've now put in a lot of mesh fixes. It's a matter of balancing; making sure that fruit stands up stably on the tree, but also rolls around if it's thrown to the ground. It's a compromise, so I've likely not got it totally right yet.

Tools used:

TESCS (with CSE)


Qarl (of course)
Stroti for the old cabin resource I haven't deployed yet.
And for the inspiration - Arthmoor, Nernie, Shezrie, Thomas Kaira, and everyone else involved in adding and expanding the towns and villages of Cyrodiil.
Bethesda, for the game and CS (though big thanks to ShadeMe too, for extending the latter).

Further developments

I've got a few other ideas, mostly involving seasonal effects, and maybe even some dialogue. Far too early to mention quests, though Fruit Quests have always been a big thing in most mythologies. (China scores here. In Europe it's always been apples, apples and yet more blooming apples. Usually golden of course...)

Use of resources

They're rather humble at the moment, but please feel free to use whatever resources I have created in your own mod project. Modify them if you will, but please remember to give me credit for the originals.

End notes

Additional notes will shortly be supplied in a separate document, largely for my amusement. You will not have to read it.