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Converts all vanilla-type logs added by Unique Landscapes to Qarl's Harvest activators, which allow you to harvest fungal ingredients.

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Qarl's Harvest for Unique Landscapes v1.0
Author: tegeus-Cromis
9 Nov 2017


This is a part response to a request from an certain old Khajiit on the Beth forums a long while back. It's halfway between a patch and an add-on, which converts all vanilla-type logs added by Unique Landscapes to Qarl's Harvest activators, which allow you to harvest fungal ingredients and, very very occasionally, a bit of gold. Note that the UL mods often add their own custom log forms - these are not affected. As such it requires you to have the original Qarl's Harvest installed plus one or more Unique Landscape plug-ins.

There are two reasons for this mod. One is that plenty of the original logs are buried or otherwise inaccessible as a result of UL. Second, it's kind of annoying to find that some logs give ingredients and some don't. (In the case of UL The Eastern Peaks, almost none do.)

My previous Qarl's Harvest Patches (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45735/) were focused entirely on the fruit trees, as was More Harvestable Fruits (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45705/). But this is a mushrooming issue, so I believe it merits a separate page, especially since I expect there will be a further true patch to go with it later.

(Incidentally it was only sensible to contemplate doing this once the Unique Landscapes merged plug-in was created. Lots and lots of separate add-ons would really kill anyone's load order, I think. Now, although I heartily recommend using the merged UL plug-in, I have nonetheless included separate .esps for most of the separate ULs.)

For extra details, see the Notes section below.


Oblivion v1.2.0.416    [I strongly suggest you install the Unofficial Oblivion Patch too, though.]
Qarl's Harvest [https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/8113/]
Unique Landscapes [https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/19370/]


I recommend using BAIN, for which this archive is suitable. If you choose to do it manually, though, simply unpack the files that match your existing UL plug-ins to your game data folder and activate them.


Obvious with BAIN. But again, if you are doing this manually, simply delete from \Data the files:

Qarl's Harvest for xxxxxxxx.esp [Rinse and repeat]
\Docs\Qarl's Harvest for Unique Landscapes v1.0

Load Order

Qarls_Harvest.esp [Strictly speaking, you do not need this, but why wouldn't you have installed it?]
Unique Landscapes.esp [The merged plug-in. Otherwise, your individual plug-ins go here.]
Qarls Harvest for Unique Landscapes.esp [Again, as for UL, your individual plug-ins go here.]

Oh, and I also suggest putting this right after the UL plug-in(s). This mod will survive a lot of savaging by later plug-ins, so I think any other mods that alter the landscape (assuming BOSS places them after UL) should take precedence.


Any compatibility issues that UL has, this might have. But, hey, you've patched those, right? Sadly, it's not that simple, because UL patches will not affect these activator logs we have introduced.

But (again), it may not be as bad as all that. I've been through all the UL patches in my load order (27 of them. Yeah, I know...) and found that I have had to remove only six misplaced logs from this mod. That is just six out of about 860 logs. However, if you find a floating or displaced log, let me know, and I'll simply remove it.

Tools used
TESCS (with CSE/Coda)


Qarl, who is sadly missed, for the original Qarl's Harvest mod.
Vorians, for creating the Unique Landscapes combined plug-in.
...and all the other Unique Landscapes mod authors who have done so much to brighten up Cyrodiil.
Shademe, for the Construction Set Extender and, most especially, for Coda, which I used to make this.
Bethesda Softworks, for the game and CS.

Use of resources

No other author's resources are included. In fact there are no additional resources included with this mod.


1. The bracketed numbers in the filenames indicate how many logs were altered. In the case of some, none were, so they have not been included.
2. I created this mod using Shademe's Coda batch-editing language. If you'd like to see the (very simple) code for this, just pop over to The Assimilation Lab (http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/forum/463-the-elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion/).
3. The second part, to which I alluded, would be a patch for the original QH logs to correct clashes with UL. Now, I haven't noticed any, but there must be some, surely. Thanks to an idea from AndalayBay, I think I may have a batch method for picking up and deactivating some of these.
4. I have actually created a range of extra fungal ingredients, with meshes. I was tempted to include them, but I've elected for a conservative approach here and retained Qarl's original scripting. I'll find a use for them later.

More information

For more information, please re-read this document.