About this mod

A replacer ESP for Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2, cleaned of all dirty and wild edits as well as stats changes, and NPC edits are kept in a separate filter ESP to be deactivated and imported into the bashed patch for maximum compatibility with all other mods.

Permissions and credits

  • Cleaned of all ITMs, dirty, wild and stats edits. Removed all non-hair/eyes/facegen related edits by using Automation Tools. Removed 3 wild edits in NPCs in the original plugin (0001D9D8, 000234B7, & 00034E7E). No other mod author has cleaned these, as far as I am aware.

  • Moved NPC edits to a separate plugin, to be deactivated and imported into the bashed patch for maximum compatibility with all other mods.

  • Fully integrated the following mods into this mod (you no longer need to use these mods with Oblivion Character Overhaul - Advanced Edition):

  1. Oblivion Character Overhaul V2 - DLC Faces (version 1.4)
  2. OCOv2 - Elven NPCs Eyes Fix Filter Patch (version 1.3)
  3. OCOv2 Nord and Redguard Eyes Fix (version 1.0)
  4. Properly Named Eyes for OCOv2 (version 1.3)
  5. No mods other than the above four mods were integrated into Advanced Edition (mainly because I have full control over most of the above mods and they have no more updates needed for them, as well as being open permission mods).

  • Carried forward the Unofficial Oblivion Patch's Race Description change in High Elf record 00019204.

  • Female Dremora from the original mod are kept present still. If for whatever reason you don't want female Dremora, it's as simple as removing the Actors.ACBS bash tag from Oblivion_Character_Overhaul_Faces.esp. The female Dremora changes won't get imported from this plugin into the bashed patch then.

  • The Vanilla Hairs file keeps the original OCOv2 hair changes done to the NPCs Adeo and Grakedrig Ulfri. This file has no other edits to hairstyles and hair lengths.

  • Made it so that you can still use the OCOv2 Hairstyles in the Vanilla Hairstyles file for the player character only, provided that you use the bashed patch tweak 'Tweak Races -> Races Have All Hairs' to enable them.

  • Removed Order eyes from all races so that Wrye Bash's NPC Checker bashed patch patcher doesn't assign the Order eyes to any NPCs with no eyes set. The existing few NPCs with Order eyes in the vanilla game have been given different eyes instead too.

Download and install only one main file on this mod page, choosing either OCOv2 Hairstyles or Vanilla Hairstyles, based on your personal preference.

Requires the meshes and textures from Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2 (but use my replacer ESP instead of the original mod's ESP).

Requires Wrye Bash. I only support the latest version of Wrye Bash. Don't use CBash on older versions as it's redundant now and highly broken. Don't complain if it does not work on older Wrye Bash versions; just upgrade to the latest.


The core mod and replacer ESP. Contains only Eyes and Race edits, and optionally Hair edits. Does not contain any NPC edits.


This filter patch modifies NPC's eyes, face and hair. Do not activate it, instead you must keep it deactivated at all times and import it into your bashed patch in Wrye Bash. This allows for greater compatibility with other mods, ensuring that only the eyes, face and hair changes are imported from it, and nothing else. Ideally, you should load this plugin in the slot that comes immediately after Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp. If for whatever reason you don't want any NPC edits, then you don't have to install this plugin.


Q. Does this mod make Oblivion Character Overhaul Compatibility Edition - OCO CE and Oblivion Character Overhaul Cleaned - OCO Cleaned obsolete?
A. Yes, this mod makes both of those mods obsolete (as in, you don't need either of them with Advanced Edition). Advanced Edition has all of the same features as both of those mods.

Q. Is Improved NPC Faces for OCOv2 still necessary, or is it incorporated into this mod?
A. I did not edit the facegen at all from nuska's original ESP. Improved NPC Faces for OCOv2 is not integrated into this mod at all. So yes, you should still use Improved NPC Faces for OCOv2 with this mod, if you want to and like that mod. Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 - DLC Addon is also not integrated into Advanced Edition, but is fully compatible with it (just load OCOv2 - DLC Addon.esp after Oblivion_Character_Overhaul_Faces.esp).

Q. I only have Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine, but not the other smaller official DLCs. Can I still use this mod?
A. Oblivion_Character_Overhaul_Faces.esp is a filter patch, which means that you don't need all of its masters, provided that you are using a Wrye Bash bashed patch. So yes, you can still use this mod without having the smaller official DLCs.

Q. Is OCOv2 - Bashed Patch Eyes Fix still necessary, or is it incorporated into this mod?
A. OCOv2 - Bashed Patch Eyes Fix is no longer needed when using Wrye Bash 311 or greater, and it has been removed from Advanced Edition version 1.5.

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Check out my Oblivion Comprehensive Modding Guide's 'Character' section for more recommended OCOv2-related mods.

Also check out OCOv2 - Filter Patch for Mods, which is also needed alongside Advanced Edition to fix the appearance of NPCs in various mods.