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Visually overhauls Jounk's Polearms and slightly revises its stats and leveled lists.

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This mod visually overhauls Jounks Polearms and slightly revises its stats and leveled lists.

I love the idea behind Jounks Polearms by Jounk33/Katan. Personally, I think polearms are cooler than swords,
and any mod that adds more polearms to Oblivion is welcome (there are more than enough sword mods out there).

However, the mod itself is a bit of a diamond in the rough:
- It's weapon models run the full range of quality from absolutely horrible (most of the war scythes), bad (iron, steel, silver bardiches),
fine - good (batons, some glaives), great (other glaives, other bardiches).
- Some textures were early PS2/Dreamcast levels of low res.
- Even on the good models, some of the textures were mapped in odd ways that didn't take advantage of the detail available on them
(for example, on the ends of some of the batons, instead of using the cut wood edge image available on the baton's texture,
the models will use a blurred and stretched sliver of a random spot somewhere else on said texture for the ends of the baton).
- There are some random cell edits that do weird things like change the names of some rooms to German
or delete objects out of player owned homes for seemingly no reason.
- The war scythes and batons have an attack speed faster than a dagger.
- The weapons aren't present enough in the NPC leveled lists for my tastes.

Instead of choosing to just not use the mod, I decided to fix it up and bring out more of its potential.

- All custom textures have been upscaled to 1024×1024.
- The Daedric, Orcish, Ebony, and Glass (sort of) weapons originally used vanilla textures that had been renamed and moved into their own folder.
I have changed the texture paths on those models to instead redirect to vanilla weapon texture file locations.
This will allow any Daedric, Ebony, Orcish or Glass retexture mods that you may be using to be automatically applied to this mod's weapons.
I said "sort of" with Glass weapons, because originally the glass weapons in Jounk's Polearms utilized customized glass weapon textures that applied a
very blurry wood texture to the handles. The glass weapons honesty look better just using the vanilla handle textures,
so I have dropped the custom glass textures and set the glass models to redirect to vanilla Glass weapon locations.
- All normal maps have been rebuilt using elements taken from Really Textured Normal Maps - Updated, where applicable.
- By default, the new elven weapon textures use customized textures based off of  Dead47's Golden Elven Armor and Weapons.
If you do not use this retexture, I have included an optional file that will change the color scheme of the elven weapons contained in this mod to vanilla style.
- Fine Iron weapons now have a black shaft and Fine Steel weapons have a red shaft.
Before,there was no visual difference between Fine and standard weapons.
- Iron, Steel, and (to a lesser extent) Silver glaives originally used customized akaviri katana textures which is... kinda weird.
I have removed all akaviri elements from the textures of these weapons, and instead replaced them with vanilla iron, steel, and silver elements, respectively.

- Most of the original war scythes look like a boat propeller built out of rusty farm equipment,
so I replaced them with a retextured scythe model from beeratwork - weapons - Trancheuse EN FR by  beeratwork.
I shortened the blades and slimmed down the head to match the "low damage - high speed" profile of the war scythes.
They all use vanilla texture paths, so any retexture mods that you happen to be using will apply to them.
- The iron, steel, and silver bardiche models have been replaced with the Halberd model from Steel Halberd by Phitt.
They have been recoloured to match their respective categories and have had elements from vanilla iron, steel, and silver textures applied to them.
- Most other weapons have had their textures remapped slightly. Blurry, misplaced, or stretched out textures have been realigned.
The one exception to this is the steel and fine steel batons. There are some tiny splotches of color on their metal studs.
I can open up the models in Blender, but blender crashes whenever I try to export the remapped model, so the tiny blotches remain for the time being.

- All unrelated and weird cell edits have been removed.
- Every instance of the word "Gleve" has been replaced with "Glaive" (not shown in pictures).
- The speed of war scythes and batons have been lowered to 1.2 (not shown in pictures).
Now your character will no longer be able to swing a large stick at a higher speed than they would a small knife.
- Daedric weapons have been distributed into Dremora Valkynaz and Xivilai weapon leveled.
- All weapons have been distributed into vanilla LL0NPC weapon leveled lists so that they will be carried more frequently by enemy NPCs.
Additionally, they have been added to Shivering Isles loot lists.

Typically I like to make mods like this dependent on the originals, but I have changed so much that there would be little use for most of the original files,
so I made this mod totally stand alone.

1. Download the mod, unzip the file, and place the file called "data" in your Oblivion directory folder.
2. *Optional* If you do not use Dead47's Golden Elven Armor and Weapons retexture:
Download the optional file "Original Elven Textures-Jounk's Polearms-RemixedRemastered" after downloading the main file.

Special Thanks
1. Jounks Polearms by Jounk33/Katan. My mod would not exist without their's. I have merely edited their work.
2. beeratwork - weapons - Trancheuse EN FR by  beeratwork for resources.
3.  Steel Halberd by Phitt for resources.
4. Really Textured Normal Maps - Updated by laulajatar/Jarod for resources.