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Adds a full set of Rainbow Glass equipment for sale at A Fighting Chance. Also available as a vanilla Glass retexture.

Permissions and credits
My girlfriend asked me to make Rainbow Glass armor and weapons, so I made Rainbow Glass armor and weapons.

The Rainbow Glass weapons and armor can be purchased at A Fighting Chance. Rainbow Glass equipment has the same stats as vanilla Glass equipment.
A vanilla retexture is also offered, in case you want all vanilla Glass equipment to be rainbow.

The normal maps are from Really Textured Normal Maps - Updated and the glow maps are from Oblivion Upscaled Textures (OUT).
I used textures from LF Recolor Collection as a base. I'm not very good at creating complex textures in GIMP,
so the recolors offered in that mod made it easier for me to use the "select by color" tool to delete the glass portions of the armor and isolate the trim/belts/ect.
The rainbow marble textures were created by PeDeDesigns.
The sword/dagger meshes are from Thinner Glass Blades.
The arrow quiver mesh is from TIBs Compact Quivers - Thinner Arrow Holders.
The armor meshes are from Vanilla Gear Redux.
The helmet mesh is my customized mesh from Ungoggled Vanilla Gear Redux Glass Helmet.

If you like it, please let me know, so that I can tell my girlfriend, since she came up with this idea!

1. Light compatible Skeleton or Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons - Otherwise, there may be graphical issues.
2. The armor meshes were made for HG EyeCandy Body and RobertMaleBodyReplacerV52, but no skin is on display,
so you should be able to use this armor without visual glitches, even if you don't have the previously mention body replacers.

1. Choose either Rainbow Glass Equipment 1.0 or Rainbow Glass Texture Replacer 1.0.
2. Download the mod, unzip the file, and drop the folder titled "data" in your Oblivion directory.

Special Thanks:
1. Really Textured Normal Maps - Updated by laulajatar for resources
2. Oblivion Upscaled Textures (OUT) by Kartoffels for resources
3. LF Recolor Collection by LFact for resources
4. PeDeDesigns for resources
5. Thinner Glass Blades by Totallynotenemyspy for resources
6. TIBs Compact Quivers - Thinner Arrow Holders by TheInkBunny for resources
7. Vanilla Gear Redux by ElAlquimista for resources
8. Most importantly, my girlfriend, for coming up with this idea in the first place.