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This is a bug-fixed version of Eri's Realistic Sprint and Gallop

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Eri's Sprint and Gallop is the best sprinting mod I've found/used on the Nexus. Unfortunately, it has numerous bugs. You do not need the original mod for this mod.

I've fixed all the issues I've found in this, including:

Horses being broken by meshes included in the original mod(No new horse meshes are included with this, the galloping still works with horses they just do not use any new animations)

The original sprinting with no weapon animation would abruptly cause the player to stop in place if you started casting a spell while sprinting, this was fixed by just swapping it out with the 1 handed sprinting animation.

Running into NPC's while sprinting would cause the player's Alteration skill to randomly increase, this was fixed by changing the collision effect from a Spell to a Lesser Power.

And, finally, you no longer will remain crouching if attempting to start sprinting while crouched. Now if you're crouching, and attempt to start the sprint, you'll stand up out of crouching.




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